The Skinny Pancake

I visited Burlington ( in Vermont) for the first time this past July 4th weekend and I came across a quaint restaurant called the Skinny Pancake.

It's a small restaurant with outdoor seating, a great view of the Lake Champlain and great crêpes. One thing I like about the dish I tried was that the crêpe wasn't "skinny ( no pun intended) …

If I had the appetite, I would have tried all of them but I settled for the "Johnny Crepe" which is pulled pork, braised in a sweet whiskey BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, and Cabot cheddar cheese folded into a corn meal crêpe. This is served with root vegetable slaw.

All the ingredients seem local which is always another plus for me! So, if you are ever in Vermont, try one of my new favorite foods, the Johnny Crepe and let me know what you think! For more information please visit

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Written by Sandra Amoako author of Akwaaba: A taste of Ghana

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  1. Looks great!!  Will definitely look up Skinny Pancake this September!  Thanks!

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