The break up

This was one break up I did not see coming. Things had been quiet but I attributed it to the demands of our busy lifestyles. I was not even worried. Our relationship was built on trust. We loved each other but not in the mushy tell-me you-love-me way. It was quiet, steadfast and unwavering. We encouraged and supported each other. When we disagreed, we were not guarded about expressing exactly how we felt; but it was never acrimonious. I counted her as one of my many blessings and I prayed that everyone would have a friend as kind as mine. I wish I could tell you exactly how things changed, but it is hard to pinpoint the exact moment… It just evaporated. 

It is harder  to survive a break up with a friend than a break up with a boyfriend. You often meet a boyfriend mid-life when your acne has cleared, your teeth have been straightened and your narrow 'H' shaped body has arched into an hour glass.  However with a friend, you transition through the different stages of life together. She is the one who assured you that by next summer you too would develop breast. She introduced you to Always pads with wings and she would strategically walk behind you to cover a blood stained skirt. She is the one you will turn to ask "is there something in my teeth" or "Do my armpits smell?" You shop for one another and you wear each other's clothes like you live in the same house. She believes you when you say "that hairstyle does not suit you." And you trust her when she says black eyeliner is not for the lips. She could write a book about your life and people would call it an autobiography. 


Sadly, even the strongest bonds and the bestest friends do not always last forever. Sometimes people come into your life for a very specific purpose. They were God sent to guide you through an era. They may start the journey with you, but they are not meant to go the whole way. Sometimes, you hit an intersection and you part ways. Other times, you hit a cul-de-sac and you go around and around till you catch up with each other again. In the meantime, you will come across other people who will become friends. They may never graduate to the  best friend status - they will be good friends. But you will be a better friend because somewhere along the journey of life, you were blessed to have a friend who expanded your capacity to love. 

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  1. Namesake another great piece but where's the rest??? I want more!

  2. Ama. That is what it means to be short and sweet.

  3. Sweet and sad too:(

  4. This was supposed to be uplifting JK.

  5. Good read Amma

  6. So true, thumbs up.

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