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The break up

This was one break up I did not see coming. Things had been quiet but I attributed it to the demands of our busy lifestyles. I was not even worried. Our relationship was built on trust. We loved each other but not in the mushy tell-me you-love-me way. It was quiet, steadfast and unwavering. We encouraged and supported each other. When we disagreed, we were not guarded about expressing exactly how we felt; but it was never acrimonious. I counted her as one of my many blessings and I prayed that everyone would have a friend as kind as mine. I wish I could tell you exactly how things changed, but it is hard to pinpoint the exact moment… It just evaporated. 

The Essence of Racism

Sleepless in Toronto

The above title appropriately sums up the week I have had. The end of  July is a CRAZY time in Toronto and last week, I was in the thick of it. I started the week with a behind-the-scenes tour of the Saldenah Mas-K camp to see how they make all the lovely costumes. I returned home at midnight and by the time I had edited the newly acquired footage, it was 5am.  By 8.30am, I was dolled up and ready to 'jump and wave.' Caribana reminded me of my younger days in London chasing after the parade in Notinghill gate. However, unlike my younger days, after 2 hours of, I could simply not keep up. I would like to blame it on the sun but, truth be told, I am old and rusty. 

Caribana Time

Ta-ta Tyra :((

The world as we know it is coming to a dramatic end and I am sure you don't even know it. Well, Tyra Banks will end her highly acclaimed, Emmy award winning show 'Tyra' Today. Someone please get the defibrillator.