Tears of the ideal woman

Everyone who interacts with her cannot believe such a gem is still alone. Charm and sex appeal ooze from her pores. She speaks English, French and Creole and her deep voice has given her musical versatility that weaves through any genre of music. When it comes to food, the aroma from her cuisine will stop you in your tracks cause she does not cook, she gourmets.

The story of how a woman with coveted appeal became dejected and alone started 5 years ago when she almost drowned. NOLA* thought she was strong, but even she will admit that her resilience was tested when heavy torrential rains flooded her streets, broke her levys and  dispersed her children.  Just when she was getting back on her feet, her seas started bleeding. A a no-good rascal called BeePee whom she trusted with her most important resource devoured her coastline, and stripped her off her livelihood. The world watched helplessly when for 3 months oil gurgled freely into her Gulf.  It seemed so unfair that one has to endure so much.

When I visited NOLA  in June, I expected her to be shrouded in bitterness and destitution, instead, I experienced the beauty and kindness the world speaks of.  It is truly the city of angels where strangers welcome you with warm soup and a roof over your head. On the 5th anniversary of Katrina's assault, the cameras have descended on her like they are filming another reality show. They will tell you that recovery is slow and help is still needed. It is the truth.  NOLA is not close to what she used to be, but it is her unparalleled charm and culture  that makes the city a great holiday destination. 


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