Lies or brand names

Are you lying if you describe what you do with officious sounding words, or are you just skilled at branding.  Branding is simply how you market yourself to the world, and in these tumultuous economic times, it has become extremely important.

The more effective you are at branding, the more important you sound, and the higher the likelihood for society to take you seriously. Admittedly, branding is a skill I have not mastered. I sometimes even forget to add my last name when introducing myself. However, whilst i am stuttering, I picture a colleague who asserts his presence by stating " I am Doctor Joe Kofi Blo. Ivy league graduate summa cum laude, motivational speaker and CEO of Company X." WOW! Is this artfully speaking or self aggrandizement. To help you decide, please review the 'watch out' list for the following Brand names. Of course i provide you with the AKA

Brand Name          Real Name

CEO of escort service Pimp    
Street pharmaceutical agent Drug Dealer 
Data entry specialist Typist
Account executive Sales clerk
Customer service rep Cashier
Chauffeur  Driver
Landscape architect Gardener
Security personnel Bouncer
Personal assistant Maid
Automechanic engineer Fitter
Sanitation engineer  Janitor
Waste management agent Trash collector
Childcare Rep Babysitter
Maitre d'  Seater
Fashion designer Tailor
Flight attendant  Air hostess 
Event planner Caterer
Transport authority Officer  Bus driver
I am in the music business Deejay
I am on a spiritual path to find myself



Can you come up with more 'Brand names' 


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  1. my favourite has got to be …. i am on a spiritual path to find myself lol!

  2. LOL !

  3. Journalist = blogger

  4. Yes. all kinds of pple find deep excuses.

  5. lol!! I loveeeee playing devils advocate when it comes to this particular game. I just love it. My poor hubby had to give me a talking too after a dinner party once where I was asked what I do and I said truth be told I just cruise, lol. I had the people looking at me like i am crazy and at Jed like poor guy went and married a crazy woman with no ambition, lol. For real though, why cant we all just speak normal? Its like when you read an article written by a Ghanaian… the blofo is soooooooo much, u are lucky if you get the main thrust of what they are trying to say..* sigh* I guess at the end of the day we are all trying to impress somebody. Poor God has to deal with ALL our issues, lol.

  6. Meda, you are right on the money! I understand that when we meet people we should get to know them, but sometimes people ask “so what do you’ in a way that you KNOW they are trying to rank you. I guess this is why people find the need to glorify their positions.

  7. love this! lol

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