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My hair journey: From Relaxed to Natural

Three years ago, I had what Oprah refers to as a ‘light bulb moment’ about my hair. My journey from chemically processed (relaxed) hair to natural hair began the day I realized that my hair made me feel different. As a young child playing with Barbie, I came to understand that my hair was different from that of my Asian, White and Indian friends whose hair hung straight down their backs. Apart from being bombarded by images in toy stores and on television of silky straight hair, I began to internalize comment made by members of my family about my hair being big, thick and unmanageable. My staple hairstyle was two braided pigtails that hung just below my shoulders. Decisions to go swimming with friends had to be thought through carefully by my mom and I. Not for fear of my safety, but for fear of the two-hour session to comb through and grease my big bushy mass. Sleepovers were subjected to a deep analysis over whether that home was equipped to deal with my hair

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