Mayhem or Miracles

I had a lead to interview an international artist in Montreal and i could barely contain my excitement. This was going to be a treat for my viewers so I made travel arrangements ahead of time and I even secured a guarantee that the interview was a shoo in. So how do the best laid plans become a colossal failure?  

First my accommodation arrangements collapsed. This meant the travel plans had to change immediately.  When the fateful day arrived, the bus driver refused to let me on, my ticket had expired. Intuition demanded that i cancel the trip, but adrenalin convinced me that I could pull it off. $115 later I was soldiering on. I arrived at Montreal only to find that the car rental agency which was supposed to close at 6pm was closed at 5:58pm. The agent who was supposed to schedule the interview could no longer guarantee it, and the artist who had been burnt by the media would not even look at my mic. Intuitively, I knew that the much coveted interview would not happen. I packed my equipments and left. No interview = no footage  = no video. What a waste!


As I lamented on the implosion of my weekend, I remembered that sometimes you will have nothing to show for the money and time you have invested in a project. Such is life! Hardwork is not always rewarded with great results. The finest education does not lead to a great job. Lavish weddings do not guarantee successful marriages. And the fattest meat does not make the best soup. But, by unearthing the lessons in each experience, you discover that the darkest clouds have the brightest lining. I stopped lamenting about the failures of my weekend and smiled at the mini miracles of the weekend: I drove through Quebec and survived. I spent the most refreshing moments with my friend Mia's parents in Saint Roch Ouest. We walked through the woods and marvelled at the foam-like feel of the pine needle covered ground. I filled my mouth with home grown yellow tomatoes and washed it down with Rosemary tea. The air was fresh and the people were warm. We laughed, we hugged and we kissed. There are miracles in mayhem - they are just waiting to be embraced.

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  1. Indeed!

  2. love this piece namesake! v. eloquent! have a great day!

  3. ps did u read my comment on your man (dm did I just say that?) in the O mag? how come u didn't leave a comment? no one else did

  4. Thank you Ama. hope you see the darling miracles in your life. lots of love

  5. Lovely piece Ama, I have been reading every article and I have been loving it.

  6. L , Thank you. That means a lot to me. Keep on reading

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