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Running with his heart

I should probably be talking about Usain Bolt - the fastest man alive, but this space is for the most inspiring man of the Olympics, Oscar Pistorius. He is the South African athlete running without legs.


Nhatty man  is a talented artiste whose musical flair has taken Ethiopia by storm.  He is a rare breed of soul fused with Ethio pop. Clubs and radio stations in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa have his tracks on rotation and the audience reviews have been spectacular.

Weave addiction volume 1

The beauty of a woman's hair is in the versatility that comes with changing your look with a single hairstyle. However, with the abundance of hair extensions on the market, a new dis-ease is afflicting women. It is called Weavorrhea or the inability to stop yourself from running to weaves! Like any other addiction we all have cousins, friends, sisters, (you?) addicted to hair extensions. But since there isn't a rehab centre for this particular addiction, here are a few tell-tale signs to let you know that it is time to step away from that weft:

A sad day for Ghana

It has been verified by various credible sources that Ghana's President, John Atta Mills died today at the 37 Military hospital in Accra from a prolonged struggle with throat cancer. Atta Mills led the National Democratic Congress to power in 2008 after a fiercely contested elections with the incumbent New Patriotic Party.

Solange the fashionista


The Azonto king


An attitude of gratitude: Maya Angelou


Sudan Speaks

A few weeks ago, I visited what used to be the largest country in Africa - Sudan.  Inspite of the travel advisories and the pleas from loved ones not to go to the country, I flew into the capital of Sudan, Khartoum. This trip was immensely important to me because the mere mention of the name Sudan conjured images of suffering and oppression. I entered the country and found a nation filled with people with kind hearts and resilient spirits.

An evening with Maya Angelou

I am standing inside Hanover Theatre trying to tell the security man that Maya Angelou is expecting me. He does not seem to believe me. I cannot blame him, even I find it hard to believe that I am going to meet this living legend…

Obama comes out

For the past four years, President Obama has kept America guessing on his stand on same-sex marriage. When he was on the 2008 presidential campaign trail,  he explained that he supports civil unions and promised to repeal DADT, but on the subject of including gay couples in the traditional definition of marriage he  coiled back. He wasn't quite there, he was 'evolving' he liked to say. It was a middle-of-the-road answer which appeased social conservatives and simultaneously gave hope to the gay community.