Baba Blankets

You have to meet Aminata Brown! She is the brains behind a social enterprise called Baba Blankets. Whilst living in Ghana, Aminata came face to face with the plight of women who leave their villages to become load carriers in the busy markets in Accra, the capital city. These women popularly known as ‘Kaya yo’ rise with the sun to transport heavy loads, carefully balanced on their heads, across chaotic markets.

When Aminata witnessed the working and living environments of these girls, she was so inspired by their commitment to earn an honest living that she decided to help them rise above their conditions.  She asked the girls what they would do to change their lives, and unanimously, they said they would love to learn how to sew.

In June 2000, this courageous group of ladies, began sewing Beddings and Aminata developed an innovative market for their works that stretched beyond the borders of Ghana and beyond the boundaries of their imagination.  The retail store located on 1330 Prytania St. in New Orleans show cases vibrantly coloured duvets, pillows and blankets. Visit to view the entire collection.

Aminata was named Top Female Achiever by New Orleans magazine. She deserves the recognition and accolades befitting of those who step outside their own lives to uplift an entire community. Aminata you are an inspiration!


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  1. hey Amma met you in New Orls. Really love the story of Baba blanket, i have to go and find her. What is her price range

  2. WOW! Now that's an Ammazing Story

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