The blacker the berry…

In a simple world, you could use key consumer items to  stream people into specific categories: Blackberry lovers or iPhone lovers. PC users or MAC geniuses. Those who watch CNN versus those who watch BBC, O'Reilly or Olberman, boxers or briefs, bikini or one piece, and the list goes on.

In 2010 when the notable rivals of the smartphone world ( Apple and RIM) released their much anticipated products, the consumers handed out a unanimous verdict.  The iPhone 4 was released first. At 4.8 ounces, it is thinner and lighter than the Blackberry. But the initial buzz surrounding the iPhone 4 quickly turned into grumblings when it was discovered that there was a design defect with its antenna. The issue was addressed by Steve Jobs and a surrounding iPhone case was released to curtail the problem. 

On August 12th, when RIM released the real game changer, the Torch 9800, even die-hard Steve Jobs cheerleaders like myself, began to swoon.  With 512MB of onboard memory, The Torch  weighs about 5.68 oz and also boasts of the multiple tap feature known to Apple. It gets my vote because of the unique combination of the slide out QWERTY and a touch screen. Personally, I find the touch screen experience of the iPhone a bit clumsy and prone to typos. But in fairness, I find all touch screen key boards clumsy. Which is why I love the elegant combination that the Torch provides. In addition to being sleek, the Torch has advanced features such as a universal inbox which streams all your emails, social networks and wireless music. The Canadian print on RIM  means that the Blackberry Torch comes with an understated elegance that makes it the juiciest gadget on the global market.

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  1. Not a fan of touchscreen phones. I have heard about the BB9800 but in the USA i think only At&T offers it.

  2. I have being a Treo, blackberry and Iphone user all within the past 3 years, and as lover of gadgets(inpector gadget), i find the iphone superior to all.
    In terms of memory Iphone has always provided that in units of Gigabytes, no other smart phone can compare. Yes the touch screen needs a little getting used to, but once you the hang of it, it's like (for lack of better words) breezy. I fact is i type faster on the iphone than i do on a keyboard.  As to what the black berry can do, it's acient technolgy to combine multiple inboxes into one, hotmail does it, so all i did was set it up on my iphone. To fortify my stand, just take a look at itunes app store and the countless apps to go with it, like the "Log me in" app which allows you to work or access any computer from any where, like the "Viper" app that allows you to start your vehicle form your iphone, or "Western Digital's" App that allows you to access data from a WD Hard drive connected to you home internet, just to mention a few.
    And now the setter of the pace, the mother of all mother loads, video calls. Do you remember those days when videocalling on a phone was something of the Jetsons age. Not the iphone 4. With the press of a button you can see who you are calling and where she is, cheating on your significant other just became way harder. There is an endless list of iphone functions that to me makes the blackberry obselete, and you know the saying, once you go iphone, you'll never go back )

  3. Oh No Mosqui, we need to send you the Torch so you join the crew. The iphone is a great tool, but it falls off the line for me mainly because it has the touch scrn. My affiliation to Canada also creates a natural bias for RIM. but I really believe blackberry has this one down.

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