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Bunmi Koko: One to watch

Bunmi Olaye is a fashion designer who is so talented that she is rumoured to have been cherry picked by Michelle Obama to make a coat for her. But that is not the only reason why you should know the label Bunmi Koko. The name Bunmi means 'God gave me' in her native Yoruba. Koko which means 'my other half' is an affectionate name given to her by her business and life partner, Francis Udom.  The designs of this  28 year old Nigerian designer is so riveting that she has caught the eye of reputable fashionistas in her home base of London. 

Africa rising

It feels pretty good to be Africa right now. Stories of war and famine have been eclipsed by news of  a vibrant and blossoming Africa. This seismic stirring is so powerful that you will be mistaken to view the continent's landscape through the lens of the Discovery Channel: For sure, the hippos and elephants will not tell you that it is no longer enough to distantly support Africa's development through Western Union. Neither will they tell you that the torch of Africa has been reignited, and its flames are being fanned by the entrepreneurial spirit of young, bright and ambitious Africans.