The 34th miner

After 2months of simulating daylight with a high beam light, the darkness that had engulfed 33 miners for 70 days parted and they finally saw sunlight. 

The effort to rescue the 33 from the 2257 feet mining cave was an elaborately expensive project that threatened the political life of Chilean President and tested the unity of an entire country. As the President called on medical experts and think tanks from NASA, resilient hearts underground and above ground called for Divine intervention. When help finally came on October 13th 2010, the miners looked to the heavens and hugged their families. It was evident that their physical well being had been maintained by food and medication, but the essence of their souls had been sustained by Faith.


As I watched the awesome transportation to the earth's surface, I drew a parallel between what the miners had experienced and our own lives.  Who amongst us has not been faced with a difficulty so great that it felt like you were in a dungeon 2000 feet below ground? When surrounded by the darkness of ill health, debt or death, do we allow our spirits to disintegrate or do we call on our faith for a miracle. After 70 days of darkness, 33 miners are being hoisted from the dungeon to the surface. Credit goes to the great minds, groundbreaking technology and the invincible divinity of the 34th miner. 

Today is a great day for Chile, but it is also a day that introduces the question of who is the unseen force in your life that hoists you up from the dungeons of your challenges to the boundless triumph of daylight? 

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  1. One will have to actually be in the same position to even imagine what these people have been through. God's work is totally free from imperfection.

  2. "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the mos High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: My God; in him will I trust'.
    We are all kept by the power of God. What a mighty and awesome God we serve. He makes the impossible possible and this is why we should never give up. Thank God he never gives up on us!

  3. A.S.B another great piece very well written (ohle blofoh eh!) Seriously though, I really needed this affirmation of my faith. God bless you!

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