Obama kills Osama

Days after he was forced to release his birth certificate, America’s least wanted president Barack Hussein Obama, issued the death certificate of America’s most wanted villain Osama Bin Laden. The significance of May 1st needs to be digested behind the backdrop of the downward spiralling discourse of American politics. The sentiments of togetherness and hope that echoed across America September 12th 2001, has since been replaced by what can only be described as nonsense to the nth degree. Sadly, the mainstream media provided a platform for nut wingers to spray vitriolic accusations that the American president was infact, a Kenyan born muslim whose ascent to the head of American politics was unmerited.

Even serious businessmen like Donald Trump questioned Obama’s citizenship, his patriotism and finally his competence. With pressing matters such as the US debt ceiling on hand, Obama was forced to release his longform birth certificate to prove that he did not hoodwink his way into the United States of America or to the White House. It is noteworthy that save for the day that he was inaugurated, Obama, an intelligent and hardworking president whose economic policies rescued the USA from plunging into another great depression, has been berated, vilified and continuously disrespected. Yet with humility and a touch of confidence, on May 1st 2011, he told the world that Osama Bin Laden is dead. He delivered these monumental words that his predecessor had been salivating and rehearsing to proclaim calmly and gracefully. It lacked the obnoxious pomp or chest beating that would have been evident if George Bush had been gifted with this moment. Instead Obama’s words offered consolation, congratulations and finally closure to the many who have been suffering since 9/11.

We needed to hear this news. The timing was impeccable. Indeed it is ironic that the messenger of this good news is a maligned President whose name is eerily similar to that of this revered terrorist- Obama kills Osama. For that, I thank God for this day and I pray that God continues to shine his light on this world at a time when turmoil and wickedness have taken the earth hostage. Years after, pandemonium, terror cells, loss of lives, shoe bombers, underwear bombers, full body scans, red alert, orange alert … today, just for a moment, we can pause and rejoice. I know this is not the end, but this news is a comforting affirmation that Good will prevail and God reigns supreme on this earth. Thank you God for this great day.

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  1. I think I take exception to your characterization of Donald Trump as a serious businessman. Rich maybe, but I can never take that man seriously.

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