Catherine Hamlin

Generous, hardworking and unstoppable, 88 year old gynecologist Dr. Catherine Hamlin is the co-founder of Hamlin Fistula Hospital. Located in Ethiopia, this medical centre provides free health care to women who suffer from debilitating child birth complications called obstetric fistula. Dr. Hamlin arrived in Ethiopia in 1959 with her husband Reginald Hamlin to train midwives in Addis Ababa. But even after their contract was over she and her husband stayed in Ethiopia to provide life saving surgery to women from every part of Ethiopia. In a remarkable demonstration of character, Dr. Catherine Hamlin continued to live and give to Ethiopia even after her husband died in 1993. She works tirelessly to raise funds so women can receive free medical treatment in her hospitals. In a June 2012 visit to Ethiopia I visited a rehab centre in Desta Menda which was established by Dr. Hamlin to treat more severe cases of fistula. Beyond medical treatment, the women who are admitted to Desta Menda are also taught various skills like poultry farming so when they are discharged they can become self sufficient members of their community.

Dr. Hamlin’s selfless commitment to the welfare of women makes her an angel on earth.


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