Naomi paints Accra red

Naomi Campbell struts through Ghana’s capital, Accra, channeling Mrs Obama on a foreign trip. The engaging spread is available in the Global Style issue of W Magazine. Celebrated stylist Edward Enninful said the tour is about “a tribute to a modern day First Lady on a state trip, evoking the kind of timeless style that could have existed in the 1940′s, 60′s, or even today.”

Naomi Campbell channels Mrs Obama in Accra

Shot by Willy Vanderperre, Edward Enninful styled the supermodel in high-fashion business suits accessorized with a black Hermes bag

A rugged side street in Accra becomes Naomi’s runway

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Commanding Accra with elegance

African inspired designs

There was a time when African-inspired designs meant safari jackets and animal prints. Now runways are glittering with the work of designers who stitch their models in bold Ankara prints. Burberrys leads the pack with men’s shirts and women’s dresses designed in vibrant african print. Even their trademark trench coat has been doused with a splash of Ankara colours.

Moschino’s joined the pack this fall with chic print green dress that is so beautifully crafted it looks like it was sewn in Accra.

At the summer 2012 Mercedez benz fashion week, Michael Kors showcased his afriluxe collection, but by reverting to the archaic interpretation of African-inspired which consists of safari khaki and animal prints, the collection fell off the mark.

Vivienne Westwood, strikes gold with a collection of handmade bags from Nairobi.  Aptly labeled  get a life, she partnered with Ethical Fashion Programme to create a line that supports the handiwork of women in uderserved communities in Kenya . The success of this fashion venture has encouraged Stella McCartney, and Fendi to join this UN international trade centre programme.


Afro chic footwear

The unwavering trend in fashion is still the African wax print. Previously reserved for traditional African societies the Ankara print is now the most remarkable way to make a fashion forward statement. Mystique clothing has honed into this growing trend and introduced an Africa inspired twist on footwear.

Based in Ghana, Mystiqe clothing is owned by Kwabena D. Boateng, a trained physician who is ironically one of the most prominent shoe designers to hit the scene. Kwabena designs shoes with a definitive Afro flair. His rendition of Birkenstocks has been a runaway hit because it is the perfect fusion of Afro chic and comfortable footwear. In an interview with the designer, he explained that his work is inspired by his love for Africa.

“At Mystique, we incorporate wax prints and tie & dye cloth to create a range of products which include Afro Birks, Loafers, and flats. We keep our products vibrant and chic and still remain committed to a high standard of quality. Eventhough I am a doctor, I have been motivated by the uniqueness of our Ankara prints to create a business venture that shows the beauty of Africa. In my native Ghana, we have a wide array of designs so the avenue for being creative is limitless. I am always motivated to create something that is comfortable, affordable and aesthetically pleasing.”

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Color block ankara prints

2012 fashion statement is all about color blocking - a fashion trend where you mix n match several monotone colors in one outfit. It can be a solid blue dress paired with green pumps and a red handbag. Sounds outlandish? Get used to it .

Color blocking will be with us for many more seasons. However if you want to be trendy without being a follower take color blocking up a notch by doing a mix n match with your favorite african prints. Here are a few vlisco styles to inspire color blocking Ankara style.

You are not just color blocking you are fashion forward!


Solange the fashionista


Most people would drown under that pressure of being related to the most famous woman in the world - not Solange Knowles. Beyonce’s younger sister has emerged as a fiercely independent woman whose style has left the fashion world agog.

I watched with stunned appreciation as she stuck her tongue out at the celebrity-obsessed culture of long flowing locks by cropping her hair. Then, she took it up a notch and twisted her hair into thick long braids. Some ridiculed for trying to bring back Poetic justice, but before you could say a-choo, braids were the rage and even Beyonce was rocking blond tentacles.
But by far, my favourite thing about Solange has got to be her love for prints - especially African prints. She can often be spotted in Boxing Kitten’s signature looks. Here are some of Solanges versatile looks. Clearly, she is under no one’s shadow. She is a shining star and a bonafide trendsetter who is not afraid to stand out. Here are six reasons why I am loving Solange.




Fashion in Africa has not been the same since Bea Arthur made her mark on the acclaimed KORA Fashion Awards in South Africa. Her style is eclectic, adventurous, sassy and fearlessly sexy. Bea sits with ammazingseries and explains how her lineage inspires her to be FIERCE! Watch the interview