Standing up to fear

Who is Mike Sisco? He is probably one of the bravest men you and I never met. He grew up in Williamson West Virginia. When his mother died, he became the primary caregiver for his 3 sisters. Years later in 1987, he returned to the small town to spend his final moments with his family because he was dying of AIDS. However, when this AIDS patient decided to take a dip in a public pool, hell broke loose.

Many residents of Williamson were uncomfortable with this relatively unknown illness, but they were particularly uncomfortable with the fact that Mike Sisco was gay. The undercurrent of tension in the community came to a head when Oprah hosted a town hall meeting. In a room filled with God loving people, very few expressed sympathy for Mike Sisco or his family. Yet, he stood his ground and became the voice of strength and dignity for AIDS patients across the USA. So why is Mike's story still relevant? See across the globe and especially in Africa, AIDS is a merciless killer of millions , and many AIDS patients are ostracized from their community to die alone. This is a situation that can be remedied with education from a few brave voices. Here's to you Mike Sisco for standing up when it counted. When did you last stand up to fear?

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