Letting go

There comes a time when the former things do not measure up and you have to  sign divorce papers or change employers, relocate or remarry… all to welcome something new into your life. I have arrived at that precarious intersection where I have to let go of my synthetic diva Millicent. It seems trivial, but I promise you it is not. If you don't know the back story, Millicent is my 16 inch yaki #2 wig. She is a convenient disguise, and a true timesaver when I have to dash out of the door for an interview.

When I first started wearing Millicent, the reviews were mixed so I conducted an 'independent' survey on whether Millicent was a vavavoom or a vavadoom. The majority of the votes concluded that Millicent was a vavavoom.  However, a few weeks into that historic vote, the tide has changed and even the lovers of Millicent are now saying she has got to go. As I ponder over the importance of appearance versus  convenience, I remembered what I say when I see bad clothes happen to good people, "do they not have any friends." So if you are one of those who has been disappointed with my tresses, please know that the problem is not that I lack friends, the issue is  that I am deaf and bold. My deafness prevents  me from hearing their advice and the boldness deflects their criticisms. But at this moment, I don't know if my defences have been weakened, or my eyes have been unscaled, cause I have also arrived at the decision that Millicent has to go. 

See, I had become attached to Millicent the same way you grow to love frumpy clothes or 1 minute noodles. They are a quick and convenient  solutions to a big problem. And my problem is because I do not have to report to a regular work schedule, I have ignored my hair. As a result, it has grown detrimentally long. It appears unmanageable at a glance but with a bit of attention, it could be restored to its former glory and star in a Pantene commercial.  So I have decided that I am letting go of Millicent and all that she symbolized; convenience, laziness and misplaced courage. I am going for a haircut to get rid of the dead ends in my hair and my life. This includes bad sleeping habits, midnight eating et al.  What do you need to let go off? The on again off again boyfriend? Academic laziness, financial nonchalance, emotional eating…If I can let go of Millicent, trim my split ends and realign my focus, you can also let go of the dead weights in your life.



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  1. Millicent I'm going to miss you… (Sobbing) aaawooo Millicent menewu berkor hmmmmmm millicent can I come see you off? Amma give me Millicent I need her in my life. lets have a send off party for Milli…. Kisses X

  2. I have definitely let go of a few millicents in my life the past 2 years or so…  I continue to preventing Millicents as they try to sneak up on me - I strive to be better daily. i dont ignore the signs and leave no room for bad habits. Thanks Ammazing Series. 

  3. Don’t cry everything comes to an end. Millie’s has come.

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