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If Alice shaved her hair off on Thursday, by Sunday, she could hold a ponytail. I wanted her hair, I prayed for her hair. I switched to her shampoo, I slathered my hair with raws eggs, avocado and mayonnaise in a futile attempt to coax my hair to grow like Alice's. Looking back, I wish someone had advised me that you are born with a specific type of hair the same way you are born with your eye colour, and that there is very little you can do to alter it. 

I agree that there are things that you can do to your hair that will damage it and there are things that you can expose your hair to that will keep it healthy. So even when you cannot speed the growth of your hair, here are a list of things that you can do to keep your hair healthy and lovely. First, please find a good hairdresser who uses great prodcuts because they care about your hair. The accumlated cost of going to a salon can be blinding, but a good hairdresser will tell you about good products and they will teach you how to make your hair your crowning glory. Secondly, get to know your hair. Does your hair frizz quickly, does it break easily? When your hair is permed, does it start to break as soon as new growth sets in? You need to know your hair in order to know how to treat it and how it will react to certain products. With that said, here are some great products that work great on my hair and might also work on your hair. 

My favourite hair relaxer is Optimum Multi- mineral reduced pH creme relaxer. It is inexpensive and it works great without agitating the scalp. There are 2 relaxers that I will not be returning to; Motions and Mizani. Motions dried out my hair and made it brittle. Mizani is more expensive but I did not like it because it over straightened my hair and agitated my scalp. If you are someone who wants bone straight hair, this is your relaxer. I have a friend who swears by PhytoSpecific hair relaxer. I think it is astronomically expensive but, she is a disciple of this product and has converted many people to this line. What I am considering is a switch to the 'Mild' strength of relaxers because according to my hairdresser, it preserves volume and fortitude in hair.


Carol's daughter has an amazing line of products that work great for natural hair and relaxed hair. I have not used this line but the testimonials rave about their hair milk which moisturizes hair nicely. 

The best shampoo, is one that cleans without leaving your hair raspy.  I have heard of phosphate free shampoos but the reviews have been mixed so I stay away from them. However, Kera care, Rusk, and Creme of Nature have some great shampoos that clean whilst leaving the hair like it has been soaked in conditioner. Never be lazy about Conditionning your hair. I like Mizani's line of Conditioners especially the Hydrafuse intense moisturizing conditioner. It deep conditions, detangles and leaves your hair soft and lush.  Rusk has great leave in Conditioners which I swear by. Try this line, they have products that respect and uplift hair. I strongly recommend clarifying shampoos once every 3 months to rid your hair of build up from various shampoos, conditioners and moisturizers.

Now Moroccan oil is the new must have item. It does not come cheap, but I love their hair oil because it provides a healthy sheen to your hair without making it feel clampy or greasy. When it comes to colouring, I stay away from the lighter shades. I don't care what anyone tells you. Lightening hair colour, especially permed hair makes your hair suscepitble to breakage. Opt for a Rinse or a temporary colour treatment unless you are prepared to see serious breakage.




The best hair spray on the market is L'oreal Elnett Spray. I love this product!! There is no comparison to the way it holds your hairstyle without leaving starchy deposits on your hair. The best thing about the Elnett Spray is it is long lasting and you can comb your hair easily after. I love, love, love Elnett, try it.


Finally, none of these tips will be worthy if you don't wear your hair with confidence. So whether you have thin hair, thick hair or very little hair, always spray on some confidence and be a real head turner.

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  1. Great article, so true. Good stuff, also try not to over heat hair, condition weekly.

  2. Good point. We soooo over heat our hair and then we ask why it is breaking

  3. Eisshhh!! All this over hair? I am in the wrong profession. I should have paid better attention in Mr. Sarblah's Chemistry classes. I could have majored in Chemistry and gone to work researching hair products.

  4. Amma this article is very informative. I enjoyed reading it.
    When I had permed hair I used Phytospecific it is the best hair relaxer I have ever used. My hair never broke off with this relaxer it made my hair soft and bouncy YES bouncy because those who know me know I have a very coarse textured hair grade.
    One important point you made is knowing your hair. And also treating your hair well and with care.
    I am natural now and I still love my hair I will try  Carol’s daughter hair milk soon. I read about Moroccan oil and the active ingredient in that is Argon oil which I intend to get when my hair grows to a specific length because it is quite costlyJ.
    I now use 100 natural hair products and looking forward to the results of my natural hair journey.  I hope to have the opportunity to share my journey with you.
    You have very beautiful Hair.

  5. Thou shalt not covert another woman's hair!!
    Oh I love hair. I was silly once - listening to Indie Arie sing 'I am not my hair' and the song empowered me to cut my hair. Never again. Silly song! I had such long, thick hair once and now getting back to that seems like climbing Mt. Everest or something like that. Its getting there tho.
    Quick question for anyone: I took some pretty strong pills before that had a side effect of breaking hair, particularly at the back, around my neck. So my hair is long all around, except for this spot right at the back, at the nape of my neck. Any ideas how I can grow it back? People say I should cut it again to the length of the back hair but when i look at the inches surrounding it, I just cant. I need to grow the back. So I'm open to tips.

  6. Hello Boakyewaa You are really not your hair but that is another topic for discussion J. Your hair is taking long to grow because you are probably looking forward to it just like anything else we want it takes painfully long to approach the more desperate we are….  Before any hair product I strongly believe in taking  vitamins daily preferably prenatal and drinks lots of H2O to get rid of toxins in your scalp and body. Don’t put a whole bunch of stuff in it, no hair pills etc. and definitely don’t cut but trim. You can treat your hair well by being gentle to it (don’t laugh Amma) by the way you brush and comb it grease your scalp 2 or 3 times a week and brush it all the time to stimulate growth use the hair brush with the bubbles on the tips. Not to be funny but pray and talk to your hair (Again Amma don’t laugh).  Different products you can use for your hair 100% pure shea butter (Nkuto) I have a big calabash full LOL I also use Taliah waajid Herbal Strengthener its just regular hair grease (reminds me of the always hair grease with indian hemp). Ok enough I could keep going.

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