Relationship advice from Finesse Mitchell

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  1. AMMMMMAAAAAAAAA  guru you are crazy. that was FUNNY!

  2. sorry i met gurl. Finesse is sooo zoo fine. he gives great advice too

  3. Loves it, Amma! And I saw Finesse eyeing you….mmm hhmmm….will there be an update video? ;P

  4. Loved it Amma!!!  I am officially a fan of Finesse!!!  Great job…I was laughing my bum off!! 

  5. Finesse Mitchell is extremely Funny. He deserves all the accolades and more. Great things are in store for him. Good job amma

  6. Too cool, loved it!

  7. Ammma soooooooo loovve it …Amaazing as you would say luv it cuz Maaauh

  8. My dear…Where should I start. I was thinking  "I hope this girl delivers on Saturday"…and well you did! I don't agree with everything but I found some nuggets worth chewing on.

  9. That was a good buuuut seriously u will need to control ur emotions. U were so much consumed by the sweet words of the guy to the point it appears u were almost at the point of saying, "Yes, I'm ready for u"  The laughing was a little too much baby.

  10. well done amma. wish you all the best

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