True Love

Being around Christianne and Nenad makes you believe in true love. I am not referring to the flaky depiction of love that silver screens are made of. Theirs is a palpable affection you catch them stealing glances at each other or reaching for the other. They are honest without being hurtful, they lean on their mutual strengths to carry them through difficulties and they still find time to be as playful as two cute puppies. Take a look at their wedding pictures and you will know that they bring humor and joy to their surroundings.

Some may attribute their efferversent love for one another to the fact that they are newlyweds, who just married less than 6 months ago. However, if you know their story, you will know that four years of dating has thrown many challenges their way and that they have surmounted each obstacle hand in hand, Faith in mind, and love on the heart. I could fill this post with words in a futile effort to describe the depths of their love, but my words will be inadequate. You may be moved closer to how knowing how loving and lovely they are when you listen to the words of their wedding song  'Better Today' by Coffey Anderson, or you can watch their video 'Finding true love' to hear them in their own words and you will believe in the essence of true love.

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