Lessons from Katie et al.

Do you see what Katie did? She held onto her man for 8 years and got a prince as a reward. If you don't have the endurance to run a romantic marathon like she did, here are some other lessons to be learnt from the Duchess of Cambridge's big day.

The dress. She was styled by the world's most provocative fashion house Alex McQueen. Yet, instead of making a risque fashion statement, she chose a style that was demure, sexy, elegant and truly beautiful. With all eyes fixated on her, nobody had something bad to say about Kate Middleton. That is an admirable feat cause you know if it was yours truly, I would have bust out in backless dress with fuchsia petals and a Star Jones-like train. Thank God Katie does not look to me for advice. She is a level-headed beauty who pulled off the most important day of her life without a hitch. Her guests on other hand, came with gloves, hats and lots of controversy. So if you are nursing a wedding hangover, grab a cup of tea and lets comb through the pictures inorder to learn the right lessons from this historic day.

The groom. Men, do you see how even Prince William did not wear a kilt? Enough with African men and the Kente cloth kilt nonsense. It is your big day too. Trying hard to be avant garde has dire consequences.
Hats have been the rage and it does not look like it will fade soon so find the right hat that suits your face and the occasion simultaneously. Know which hat is great for a Lady Gaga baby shower and which one is appropriate for a wedding. There is a line between bold and outlandish and the one on the left is just….

Rather, opt for something that is bold yet beautiful like this navy blue hat. I don't know who the lady is but her hat is sooooo beautiful, so confident, so elegant, so spunky that I want to know her. Now that is style.
If you must be controversial, opt for Princess Zara's black hat which is edgy but still very elegant. The jury is still out on Victoria Beckham's dress, but her military style hat is a definite turn on.

Final lesson, the cake. I am not an advocate of the designer emblem cakes that grace the pages of Facebook. I don't care if it is Chanel, Louboutin or Louis Vuitton, it is tacky!!. Look at this royal cake. It radiates class, elegance,  and confidence, just like the bride. Kate Middleton is definitely my kind of bride. Congratulations!

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  1. Kente kilts - ROFLMAO

  2. Ama you know what i am talking about. if i see one more avant garde groom in a kente kilt….

  3. I have finally found out who the lady in the navy blue hat is.  For what it's worth, she is the wife of Lord Frederick Windsor and her maiden name was Sophie Winkelman (she is now formally known as Lady Frederick Windsor.)  She's an actress.
    So now you see how badly I need to get a life!

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