A Moron and his Sycophants

As Libya burns, African leaders twitch nervously and watch in silence. At 1631hrs, the phone rings. It is President Mills of Ghana: “Hmmm, Brother Muammar is worrying us ooooo. Why does he like trouble like that?”

“Kale, I just finished rigging another election successfully without shedding blood, why can’t he learn.” Museveni of Uganda responds
Ghana: “So what do we do? After all, he is our African brother plus… "
“Ah , Ah" interjects Goodluck of Nigeria. "E no be African, na Arab. I beg, make him no bring e wahala, I don tire for Ouattara who no wan play musical chairs with Gbago."
Kikwete of Tanzania: “Brothers at least, let us release a statement condemning him; the whole world is listening to our silence.”
Mali: What!! Condemn? What if he regains power, Are you that ungrateful?
Therein lies the dilemma that erodes the thin credibility of African leaders. They prefer to appease rogue leaders who threaten to dismantle the region, than to castigate them. In the case of Moron Muammar Gaddafi, they are dealing with a manipulator extraordinaire. He was born June 7th 1942. By the time he was 27 years old, he had staged a violent coup which over threw King Idiris of Libya.  He established the Libyan Arab Republic, a new government that was supposed to bring social justice to Libyans. Instead, it became an oppressive vessel for Gaddafi and his family to amass billions in wealth.

They built mansions and empires from Tripoli to Sirte, and still had enough surplus to buy the loyalty of African countries. He promised aid, investments and brotherhood a la United States of Africa. With one hand he built mosques and resorts. The other hand is accused of killing  migrant workers from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Sudan, Niger, Burkina Faso and Chad. Some international organizations go further and accuse him of being involved in the Liberian civil war as well as the crisis that plagues Darfur.

In the face of these atrocities, the leaders of the respective African countries remained silent. They were too busy thanking Gaddafi for his generosity.  Even the West seemed to be warming up to the trinket adorned dictator.  In 2003, the UN imposed sanctions were removed and Gaddafi was on the guest list of global conferences and summits. Basking in the revelation that decades of disdain he suffered as a result of human rights abuses was fading, Gaddafi surged forward. Tripoli became a world class city where international artistes jetted in to perform their hits. To top it off, In 2009, the  African Union overlooked their policy not to reward coup makers and coronated Gaddafi chairperson of the African Union. The gods were smiling on Gaddafi. 

Until February 2011 when the Ebola protest spreading through Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen found a host in quietly disgruntled Libya. The streets erupted with chants of "Gaddafi must go". At first he was in denial. "My people love me" he declared to Christian Amanpour of ABC News. Then he vowed to die a martyr.  His wish was almost granted on March 19th  2011, when the US and its Allies bombed his compound. Apparently, the humanitarian crisis in neither Congo nor Ivory Coast was grave enough to warrant a NATO intervention. But Gaddafi? He had to go immediately! Hence the airstrikes which exploded across Benghazi and Misarata.
Gaddafi must have scurried into an unknown hole for when he reappeared, the haggard look wearing him bore no semblance to the  Ray Ban clad man who used to stare daringly at international cameras. That posture of an untouchable has expired. Yet African leaders still seem intimidated. They watch in silence. Why would they condemn Gaddafi now when they failed to cough when he abused and killed their own. On March 27th, Secretary of State Clinton mentioned that the African Union is calling for the ousting of Libya and Uganda just announced that it is freezing Gaddafi's assets. Gaddafi must be aghast.  His brethrens and co-conspirators are rejecting him.

At 1800hrs, the phone rings again. It is Jean Ping of Gabon: "Brothers we must act. They are laughing at us."  Wade of Senegal: " At least lets send him a text message first, he will appreciate it"
At 2100 hours, Gaddafi receives a text. It reads " A Moron and his sycophants are soon parted"


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  1. Call me a cynic, but I could care less if Gadaffi is removed or not. It's not that I don't feel for the people of Lybia who are being killed, it's just that I don't see any difference between what's going on in Libya, and what's going on in Cote D'Ivoire, and Bahrain, and Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, and what the Russians are doing in Chechnya. The message that is going out to dictators around the world is: You can kill your own citizens as long as you don't criticise the USA while you do it. The only thing that sets Gadaffi apart from all the other dictators is that the USA has been waiting for a very long time for an excuse to remove him from power.
    As far as the AU goes, I'm not happy that they've gone back to being a dictators club like the OAU before them, but if I were a West African head of state, I think I would have done what a lot of them did last week. I would have deliberately refused to mention Gadaffi while I call for tighter sanctions against Gbagbo and a more concerted effort to isolate him and force him out of power. As for Gadaffi? Bombs are falling on him as we speak. That's more than the people in any of the other countries I've mentioned are getting. I'd be more concerned about reminding anyone who will listen that even as bombs fall on Libya, Western AND African leaders are propping up another half a dozen opressive dictators elsewhere.

  2. Sister, you are really doing a good work for Africa reflecting on these atrocities happening in the created garden of eden God intended. Man kind has decided to govern own his own without the guidiance of their creator. We need to obey Jah who can lead us in the right was - Theocratic - Africentrism meaning God centeredness African centeredness.Instead of submissive will they prefer permissive will which turns them to be reprobate children becoming power drunk.It is high time they drink of the new wine which is the teachings of Jah's Kingdom and not the old wine. Hope u well sister as i always write u are Oprah in Africa and a great one.Just as john the Baptist prepared the way for Christ, the same applies to you.
    My cousin is Nancy Kesson whom is your mutual friend. Please my guardian is very influencial and has defended Africa at the highest peak. He attended the world assemby of religions in 1982 and was awarded an ambassardor for peace award from interreligious & international federation for world peace by the founder Rev. Sun Moon. He proclaimed that the crises in Africa has to do with the plurification of monothestic religions in Africa.The same one God makes us fight, Christians and muslim fighting.Remember Quadafi once decided that Nigeria should be divided to two North - Muslim and south - Christians that was when i saw him swaying from the head in the struggle for liberation - Kwame Nkrumah. Please Nana Kwadwo okyere 1 is my guardian and someone good to interview.I end with BIG UPS!!! TO U AYEKOO!!!


  3. Earl, your encouragement is appreciated. thank you for taking the time to post your comments. There is great potential in Africa, but it seems to be side tracked by greed and a lack of accountability. Hopefully we the young ones change the course when given the opportunity

  4. David its a tough one. I understand what you are saying. If a tenth of the money used in the airstrikes was spent in Ivory coast, perhaps it would not be in this situation. Why did the West not respond to the crisis in Rwanda, Congo, Sierria Leone etc ??? Why Libya. it is a loaded question. If i am to believe Prez Obama , they acted to curb a humanitarian crisis. what more can you do when a ruthless dictator says no mercy will be shown. Yes it upsets me that poor Africans who don’t have oil as a natural resource don’t get rescued from man-made calamity. But saving a life, saving another group from hell is always well appreciated. Global leaders often say “never again” after the harm has already been done. This time, I am convinced they were pre emptive and they saved many lives.

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