Motherhood: The Survivor

The survivor from Ammazing Multimedia on Vimeo.

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  1. I absolutely love this as  i am a young mother as well, had my little one about two years ago and have still not been back to my feet since. the toughest thing about being a mother is that in the first few years you turn to struggle juggling working life and motherhood together. kudos for going back to pursue your career. education is the key to success, You will forever have something to fall on.

  2. Nana, Thank you for sharing. Keep at it, you can do that which you’ve set your mind to achieve and more. We are all rooting for you

  3. I just watched the Motherhood Series all at once and I loved it! I love the strength and resilience of all three women despite the challenges they have faced. It's so wonderful seeing a happy ending or bounce-back and I wish them all the best! Please do a series of something else:)

  4. What I forgot to add is that I think you have a gift of asking difficult questions in a way that does not alienate your interviewees. I think that's special.

  5. JK, That was very touching. I pray that quality remains with me forever. Thank you for watching

  6. This one was truly heart felt… soo touching aawwww looovveee it!

  7. Abe was raw honest and real. A lot of credit goes to her friend Ruth. glad you enjoyed it

  8. sister ama, keep up the good work.
    i really like you. how i wish you were my sister.
    you are good

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