Life as a Donut Seller

Life as a Donut Seller from Ammazing Multimedia on Vimeo.

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  1. Ammmazing!!!! oh Amma, i loves it!

  2. thanks for showing the other side of our beloved africa…cant wait to see the other videos!!!

  3. This video is too funny!! Are you serious?! I'm glad you 'rewound' that scooping bit. Damn! Definitely not something you'll learn in a day.
    Great job, Amma!

  4. Thank you guys. i had a blast doing this and the work of women like auntie esther support families and the entire community

  5. Lol @ the video. You next challenge, Balancing a bowl of them on your head and selling them by the roadside!

  6. David, I promise you, that i don’t need any training. I am the chief head balancer. we need to bet on this so i make some money.

  7. Amma, first of all….it's all in the wrists darling!! LOL
    SOooo…now I see why you "forgot" to bring me some …it all ended in your mouth eh!

  8. Sandra. you should have remembered the wrist when you were doing yours in the kitchen. Please bring the recipe and lets get frying

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