Finding true love

Finding True Love from Ammazing Multimedia on Vimeo.

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  1. Loved this piece! (of course I'm a little biased ).  Always great to see a wonderful couple in love with God  and with each other!

  2. Loved this piece!! (of course, i'm a little biased! ).   Always great to see a wonderful couple so in love with God and with each other!

  3. Efe, so happy you enjoyed it. I love to see people in love

  4. they are maintaining that energy. God willing they will continue to. I saw a couple in their 80s the other day kissing, lol, thought that was so sweet

  5. Hope everyone, including the "interviewer" finds a true love someday. But my question always has been that, after yrs of dating  someone, if the boyfriend eventually proposes to the lady, shd that be something unusual for the lady to be so ecstatic abt that? So for all the yrs this guy being doing everything permissible to married couples, was it for pleasure or some sort of mutual benefit?  I am of the view that, the moment a lady tolerate some guy in her  life for at least 6 months, the ultimate goal shd be  formalization of the relationship along the way and it should not be a new sparkle in her life,

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