Think like a man

I have never laughed so hard in a cinema as I did  when I watched the movie Act like a lady, Think like a man.  Initially,  I resisted the urge to go and see the movie because I assumed it was going to be a low-budget, poorly-acted movie - boy was I wrong. Steve Harvey, the executive producer and author of the best selling book of the same title, spared no expense in the making of this movie. 

The storyline follows the relationship challenges of 4 single women.  Taraji Henson is the successful but lonely one,  Gabrielle Union has been dating the same guy for 9 years,  Meagan Good consistently attracts playas and Regina Hall is a single mother who can't find a good man. When these women read Steve Harvey's bestselling book, they decide to apply his dating rules to their love interests and the outcome is riveting.

The script is hilarious and the actors are convincing in their roles as the divorcee, the mama's boy, the playa and the non-committer. It has a well developed plot with cameo appearances from several celebrities like Kelly Rowland and Chris Brown  but, they don't outweigh the stellar performance of Kevin Hart, Micheal Ealy and Jerry Ferrara.

So, if you have been dragging your feet, just go and see Think like a man. You will laugh for 2 hours straight. You may not get any 'aha moments,' - the movie is not a private moment with a Shrink but, it is a huge comic relief. Definitely the feel good movie of the year.

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  1. it was a great movie. luv's it

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