‘Whites only’

There is a 'degustation club' in Ghana that is for whites only. Unbelievable right? Well believe, because it exists, and ONLY white people are registered members. This happens because some foreigners who live in Ghana think Ghanaians are inferior to them. The abuse continues, here is a verbatim account of what happened to a Ghanaian lady.

"I wish to bring to light an incident that occurred in a restaurant that I visited recently that has left me dumbfounded and completely infuriated that this could happen in our country..
Atlantic Lobster and Dolphin Ltd is a shop down Papaye road in Osu which deals in seafood. They recently opened an open air restaurant above their shop serving seafood.
They have recently converted the restaurant into a “degustation club” for lovers of seafood. There is a GHc20 registration fee and you are then issue with a membership card.
My 2nd visit there was on the evening of 26th October. I was invited there by a Japanese colleague who is a member of the club and we went with another colleague who is Spanish.After our meal our host (my Japanese colleague) asked for the receipt upon which we were presented with a piece of paper bearing a handwritten amount of GHc180. When he insisted on a proper receipt one of the Italian owners by name AXL told us that this was all they gave as they were a club and not a restaurant. My colleague was told that if he insists on a receipt he would have to come to the shop the following day to be issued with a “receipt” for the purchase of seafood from the shop and not for the food we had consumed.
Nevertheless, as our Spanish colleague wanted to join the club too our host informed the owners and they fetched their membership register for him to join. At that point, I asked if I could also join to which he replied “No, it is for white people only” and then laughed. I was completely taken aback and rendered speechless that this man could have the effrontery to make such a bigoted and racist statement. We left the restaurant shortly thereafter.
It is my sincere hope that this matter will be taken up by your good selves and the public made aware that such an establishment is our midst. We cannot be subjected to open racism in our own country and we need to send a clear message to expatriates living here who mistreat their local staff and look down upon us Ghanaians that we WILL NOT stand for it.

What can you do? If you come across business that refuses to serve Ghanaians, bring it to light immediately.  We cannot be bought. Our independence was bought by blood and sacrifice so we can be FREE. Please spread the word.

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  1. Oh my, this is right here in Ghana? If it was an Italian Society or something reserved for only Italians (and not English, Spanish or French, etc) that would've been more understandable, but this is outright racism, no? I wonder if any of the authorities knows about this …

  2. OMG is this for real??? In Africa

  3. Absolute stupidity! Can black men do that in their country? Even in Ghana, there is no restaurant/ club/ night club/ mall/ washroom that says ONLY BLACKS or ONLY GHANAIANS. They should all be sacked and taken back to their country. Kwasiasem akwakwa!

  4. Asomasi. even an Italian Society or French Society CANNOT forbid an individual from joining because of their race. it is against the law

  5. i hope u hav noticed that in yor image used "racism" is above the "no" sign…the red is supposed to cross it out…defeats d purpose no?

  6. MMM i'm looking for a fuck to give. Tale as old as time itself.

  7. italian embassy seff we all dey fit go…me if i reach ghana 2 weeks time wey dey no stop fool for there i dey go shut d place down

  8. i'll go find out if i can get half registration since i'm half white

  9. wanlov. you don’t miss a thing. Ghanaians need to stand up against this. thanks for ur support

  10. Yea I used to buy seafood from there shop until one day they sold me some really bad grouper fish and I complained and he proceeded to tell me I "do that all the time" and curse me out in italian. First, I never complained about anything in their store before and his partner also confirmed that he was just an asshole. Second, He cant even speak fucking english he should be sent back wherever he came from immediately. He is disgusting!

  11. I find this VERY hard to believe. But if it is true then it should be dealt with legally and not with this emotional tirade - as hard as it may be to hold back. Has anyone done PROPER research (with that I don't a blog that started this trail) to find out what the truth is? Maybe the owner made a tasteless joke? I suggest some well founded facts before we start a hate campaign here and find ourselves guilty of the names we call others. To the writer, who are the goodselves who are to take this up? You seem very concerned, so maybe you could start, by going to the authorities, eg. CHRAJ. I truly hope this is "just" an issue of one man's poor sense of humour.

  12. In Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana? Coming events cast their shadow. They better beware….

  13. Nonesense!!

  14. I'm so shocked  to hear this that Im going to go and check it out for myself - it beggars belief. If it's true then I will personally report them to the police and IRS - sounds like they're dodging VAT by not issuing proper receipts. Daily Graphic and other journalists must name and shame them (if this apartheid behaviour is truly in our midst).
    I'd like to hear from the writer who went there with his japanese and spanish friends what he has done about his abonimable treatment since??? Don't let them get away with this.

  15. this nonsence must stop.

  16. absolute rubbish! ive seen this place u r talking about..was actually thinking of going thr but on second thought,to hell with them..lol at wanlovs comment..im also half white so i beg if u de go come call me make we go get half membership! 

  17. wtf u guys for real? in ghana boy am coming this december and am definatly goin to this place to start trouble. and am taken my nima and labadi squad with me to register. hahaha

  18. Oh my! This is bad…. Its so pathetic.

  19. omgash,its this fr real!Ȋ̝̊̅Ŋ ghana here!hell nooo it has got 2 stop!

  20. Nanso )ben,some of u girls are also fussy..all u want is white friends.. Well we just have to come together and ruin the place,I mean to mess the place up…nkwasiasem!! Nigerians wld never allow such a barbaric and stupid act…ghanaians often lay back wif such issues..its high time we stood up and acted right…I’m so pissed arrghhh!!!

  21. This place should be closed immediately, I might just do it myself if the authorirties fail to do it. And the owners must be repartriated at once!

  22. number1. you should have spit in his face and slap him, if possible break glasses, cos commotion,the public will hear of it. then off to a media house.

  23. this very ba and sad to read this. how such a place should running business. we welcome into our land and this is what they do to us? this has to end now. 

  24. Thiz is some serious ish…I ​A̶̲̥̅♏ gonna find this plc 2 day and try and be a member …if they don’t..hmmm

  25. Wow…
    And this is happening right in Ghana? I guess, I need to go there and experience for myself before commenting further. For now, I say sorry for the embarrassment  and those racial comments.

  26. somebody tell me this ain't happening in ghana- holy crags"|":L+_ i'ma go find this out for myself and i swear the stench will be so bad they gonna have to shut the fuck down.

    Luk This Must Be Seriously Enquired And if proven positive then it must be shut down without any delays and prosecute those perpetrators ..Fuck Them, Racism In My Own Gold Coast ,Naaa When They Get To Their Country Then Do It There ,We Will Make Sure We Bring Them To Proper Justice By Any Means Necessary Legal Or illegal ..Pale Faces Of A Pig Skin Malenin 

  28. I'm going to register there… we go see if them go fit say no.

  29. We for shit bomb the place

  30. Judging by this story, it could have been a joke gone wrong. Can the editor please check your facts. I would like to support this, but again this could possible have been a joke gone wrong, because there is no substantial part of this story claiming the individual actually tried to be a member.
    Again i would like to support this but i want to make sure we are not dealing with some hyper active bitch who lost his temper over a bad joke and is now trying to find revenge.

  31. well, I be half black, half white, and dude even approached me for a membership less than 2 months ago.
    maybe the woman should have asked whether it was really a joke instead of/before "leaving the restaurant shortly thereafter."  
    as long as it's not written black on white, man can still enjoy his seafood. 

  32. This is what I don’t seem to understand about west african countries. These white folks come and take over and you have no ammunition but will be quick to attack your own. If this had happened anywhere in east or north Africa from Ethiopia sudan somalia Kenya egypt or even eritrea etc there would have been an immediate war. The establishment would be no more. There is no civil way to deal with this other than to take the establishment down and teach the owners that this fascist and Nazi like behavior is no longer tolerated. Big up to my west African family but y’all gotta shut em down, on the spot! This shouldn’t even up for discussion online. Peace!

  33. There is absolutely NO membership to my knowledge and I went often - it is far too informal for that. There isn't even a menu. You eat what you are given. Its more of a kitchen than a restaurant. 
    What exactly does this lady want? 
    a) To be an honorary member of someone's kitchen and have a membership system set up for her
    b) To teach people not to make crap jokes. Probably easier putting the person in their place on the spot.
    Or c) to shut it down for its fiscal informality to teach the cook to have a more thoughtful sense of humor. Nicely done. 
    Ghanaians and foreigners alike will be sad should it no longer exist but am sure those same regulars to the crap politically incorrect jokes and yummy food will follow it wherever it goes.
    Out of curiosity, where did you study Miss Snitch?  U.S. by any chance? That would explain a great deal…

  34. R u sure he wasn't joking or sumthin , to admin?….coz i hav been buying fish frm der quite often…N i think i kno whom u r talkin about ..If u can prove it right i shall STOP purchasing immediately!!!!

    Am brown & against RACISM ALWAYS!!!!!


  35. I've actually eaten there with family and friends, 80% of whom were pure Ghanaians (I'm mixed race), admittedly none of us are members of any 'club' there. I honestly had no issues whatsoever with them. However I do feel that the author should report this to the Daily Graphic or something. Being mixed I face racism from both sides and think that either way it is appalling. Also, that nonsense about the receipt, report them to the VAT or maybe IRS, especially if they charge VAT because then what they're doing is illegal. @ Shadders, yes racism exists in Africa. I've been to South Africa and experienced racism there, I've even experienced racism in Ghana where I've been told to 'go back to my country' by many Ghanaians. Racism exists within every race and every country.


    I've actually eaten there with family and friends, 80% of whom were pure Ghanaians (I'm mixed race), admittedly none of us are members of any 'club' there. I honestly had no issues whatsoever with them. However I do feel that the author should report this to the Daily Graphic or something. Being mixed I face racism from both sides and think that either way it is appalling. Also, that nonsense about the receipt, report them to the VAT or maybe IRS, especially if they charge VAT because then what they're doing is illegal. @ Shadders, yes racism exists in Africa. I've been to South Africa and experienced racism there, I've even experienced racism in Ghana where I've been told to 'go back to my country' by many Ghanaians. Racism exists within every race and every country.

  37. Which kind bullshit be this one? Who born dog? The oaf who said the club was for whites only is suppurating asshole. i'm going there myself to see if i can get a membership. he'd better not come out with that kind of crap otherwise he'll be sorry he even heard of Ghana. Mboasem arakwa. Toke ne ba toy!

  38. We want to answer to this article only saying that is absolutely not true that our Club is only for white people.
    Our members are nigerian,ghanaians,italians,spanish,germans ,americans ect . Our fish it cames from Ghana, we expose an italian and a ghanaian flag utside,our membership card has a ghanaian flag on it (maybe the lady should look at it ) we ve organized last week two bithday party of ghanians members of the club and in those nights there were only ghanians in the club.Two of the original members out of four when we open the club are ghanaians. Why are we accused of racism ? MAybe my bad english has been misunderstood,but looking at the reality o f documents these are only words.Anyway, if we offended someone,maybe to make a stupid joke,we deeply apologize with you and with the lovely ghanaian people.I love this country,i have a black son and wife,and i can never be offensive with africans.In my company there are only ghanians employees and they can testify .

  39. Well guys you know that the Nigerian in me can’t sit back and accept this mobo so we’re planning to go there on saturday at 4pm to first off join their club with our black faces, secondly demand an explanation for this nonsense and I have had a few statements saying a burning is in order but I personally don’t believe violence is the answer here. You should all join us. We should see to it that the place is not only shut down but the owners/management removed from GH! If they can’t accept the people then they ought not to be in the place.

  40. i will be there afterwork… can i get a phone number connected to the shop?

  41. what id like to know is what is being done about it? have the authorities been informed? this should not be treated as a gossip topic, but should be taken seriously, utterly unacceptable.

  42. i can actually add to that. My girlfriend and I decided to treat ourselves to some fine dining and ventured into this same restaurant a few months back.  I asked at security (several times)if it was open to the public as there were no obvious signs(that it was a restaurant, we were there upon recommendation), - he let us in.  We made our way up a long and steep staircase, only to be told that it was strictly by reservation. It was absolutely empty!!  The owner, a white man, did not bother to even acknowledge us, and left us in the incapable hands of his young waitresses. I asked for a card to make reservations for the future but when the waitress found one, she called out to me to come for it.  .  To my utmost annoyance, halfway down the stairs, (in my high heels),  another waitress calls out at us to come back up as her boss - who is still lurking in the background- would like to speak to us.   Of course I told her that if her boss did not deem it necessary to do some damage control when walk-in guests arrive, watch us go down his rather inconveniently long staircase and then, having a change of mind, did not find it necessary to walk to us but rather send for us, then we would happily take our custom elsewhere. NEVER AGAIN!!!

  43. I have lived here for 25 years and i am shocked by the ignorance and simple stupidity. If this indeed is true and did happen i think you have every right to report this case to the police.

  44. total nonsence i will take it to the media for people to hear and discusse it.

  45. these stupid marfuckers must b kick out from de yard.i mean gidean boot.they mosi mad bois.

  46. Sal. Glad you responded. This happened to my family member and other people are complaining about how you treat them in your restaurant. Elizabeth Okoro came to your premise on Oct 26th. and her request for membership was denied because ‘it is for whites only’. Do you understand the shame and pain you caused. her do you understand the time she had dedicated to get this nonsense on the air. Do you know what it feels like to be discriminated against. You are living in Ghana and you are a beneficiary of Ghanaian hospitality. YOU OWE Elizabeth an unequivocal apology. This happened in your restaurant. Stand up against racisim and apologise to the young woman if you are sincere about this

  47. Pratik. we are all against racism. It happened. We have no reason to black list this guy. We just want respect and peace in our country

  48. Leggy your ignorance baffles me. Nobody will miss a racist organisation. maybe where you are from you tolerate racist statements. Except this was not just a statment. they refused to allow her to join. Which part of the world are people allowed to act like this.

  49. stef79. you cannot excuse bigotry.

  50. Toke, on point. sincerely speaking to, ghanians pay lotta attention to them white niccurs!  Thats crap and in a way giving them the right to do whatever thet feel like. Sorry tho, y'all need to learn how to speak out on time.  i've stayed in gh for 4yrs, definitely know what saying. 

  51. See you all there on Saturday at 4pm, it's time to take action and stand up for ourselves.  If anyone knows of any other occurances of this sort that have been perpitrated by this estalishment either to themselves or others they should please make sure the vicitms attend on Saturday.  I already know of one occurance so I am sure there are others.

  52. I would like to add that we have to make sure that this event actually happened, because we don't know for sure and this could be one of those cases (Like that whole Tommy Hilfiger / Oprah nonsense) that goes viral. For instance, who did this happen to? They haven't put their name on the article which I find quite interesting (I'm not saying that it did or didn't happen, but proper research should be done), because as far as I know, racism is actually a deportable offence in Ghana and this could have been reported if it happened as written.
    Also, if the writer says 'we will not stand for it', which is right thing to do, what exactly did SHE say when the remark was made? Because it sounds like she just got up and left. That's hardly standing for anything in my opinion. If I'm right and she didn't stand up for herself when it happened to her, why then incite people who have never been there or were even witness to the event to stand up against it? 
    Also has anyone actually noticed that Atlantic Lobster have written a statement on this page? Since they wrote, no one has actually commented on what they had to say. Surely there are 2 sides to an incident?
    Toke, good luck, let us know what happens but bear in mind that when you 'demand an explanation for this nonsense' that this may actually be something that didn't happen.

    I don't expect you to print this as it is too long, but this is for you Mr Admin
    Mr Admin -  you can attack the action, not the person, and you should be very careful to claim it is a racist organization which instantly incites violence on the weaker mind anywhere in the world just as they should have been more careful with their attitudes and their clients. 
    Ghanaians normally do not judge someone if it is said in jest and not out of malice. Ghanaians take the higher ground, above it all, making them the better men, which was what most impressed me upon my visit. A joke that obvious and crass can only have been made in jest.  
    You were right about one thing though, there is a new membership thing going on since I left. So I was indeed ignorant. Not getting into a club has happened to me at a nightclub in Accra as it has all over the world… but I don't call them racists. I just call them stupid. It happens everywhere all the time. Regulars or friendly familiar faces get in. Others get lucky or get even… apparently. 
    Am a big fan of Ghana and its not about the country's beauty - as you have stiff competition worldwide - but the people's beauty. How wonderfully friendly it is and how welcome ubruni feel there. If Ghana loses that Akwaba quality, it loses a treasured social (and economic) asset. 
    How very dangerous this accusation has turned out to be and how upsetting it must be for all involved over a probable misunderstanding and a clash of the egos. Racism is not meant to be taken lightly, but I vouch for the fact that there was a more fun loving mix of customers in that kitchen including my Ghanaian friends and myself than most other places in Accra, or any other country I have lived in for that matter. 

  54. Admin - your wrecklessness baffles me

  55. Leggy. I hope you check and realise that i respond to your posts even though you call me a snitch. I am standing up for someone who was treated wrongly. This happened to this young lady. We have no reason to speak out against any restaurant or anybody!! what will she get out of this? It is not like she is in the restaurant business and she is trying to sabotage him. With Salvo really stands for Ghanaians then he should come out and condemn this act. He should apologise to her and explain why his staff member said this to her. we are not stiff people who do not understand jokes. but Axel did not give her the form to fill and she wanted it. What part of this do u not understand. I don’t expect Salvo to be able to control everyone on his payroll but he should issue an unequivocal apology and tell the people who work for him to stop spewing racist comments.

  56. Leggy, Accra may have competition , but we pride ourselves with being people who welcome and love everyone, which is why if someone issues a BIGOTED statement we need to stand up and condemn. don’t come here and try and discredit the story or call me a snitch. We are open for business not insults. I was born and raised with Ghana i went to school with people from all 7 continents and so did Elizabeth. we don’t have a racist bone in our bodies. we support businesses all over Ghana. SO if she was denied membership because of her race, you cannot expect us to take it lightly. Stop and read the other comments of another girl who was also turned away. Plus i have received messages that point to the fact that eliz is not the first person this happened. We are not some aimless uneducated pple who decide to sully the name of Atlantic Lobster. This happened and I would appreciate it if you pass it on to Axel who passed this comment.

  57. so if they think they are so better no to mingle with us, why are they in our country? they are there to corrup our young men and women and they think they are better than us? may God help them…..now the other sad part is the ladies they abuse and infect with all types of horrible sicknesses…..may God help us all..

  58. Narthbor, this isn’t some unfounded accusation. I guess Elizabeth should have gone Ghetto on their asses and caused a scene, but she is not that kind of girl (had it been me, hell would have broken lose) not only was she shamed in front of her business colleagues, she was shocked. And when you don’t expect to be slapped with a bigoted statement, you don’t always react or say what you would like to say. She left. but that did not silence her. Maybe you are one of those who has a response for every time you are insulted. Many people will tell u how they were too shocked or too angry to respond. I have responded to Atlantic’s post. did u check and see? He did not deny it. do you realise that? he blamed it on English being his second language. that is no apology. if you erred. come out and say i erred. don’t tell your english was misunderstood. Come on. lets call a spade a spade. People do not realise the impact of their words. Racist utterances should NOT be tolerated

  59. Amma Bonsu, Marco said he's SORRY. l listened to him on air this morning, he didnt mean to hurt you.

  60. Admin, while I am BLACK and PROUD, I support the positions of Narthbor and Leggy. As the host/moderator/writer/administrator of the blog, I understand that you reserve your right to your opinion and your own position, but I do expect that there will be some level of objectivity applied to this entire case. There are grave implications to this issue. People will be eager to react, and some innocent persons may be affected by these reactions.  

    There are lots of questions that come to mind after reading the post and even the comments below, and although a few have been answered indirectly, many are still lurking… If I attempt to ask them, it is just going to make this a very long comment, so I will try and keep this simple and note some key points. The questions are for anyone else to determine and ask if they care.

    *No one has actually been turned away or refused service for being black. 
    *The establishment has responded to the published story on the same platform
    *The lady has witnesses (whose reaction's to the incident have not been stated)
    *An employee of the establishment made a tasteless, offensive remark. (His unsociable attitude has been corroborated by at least one other person here.)
    *The establishment generally has positive reviews from people who have actually been there (count the comments if you care to) 

    In sum, I [personally] don't give a toss about fish and care little for most seafood, so little chance of me ever going there, but I see no reason why no one else should. Your cousin, dear administrator, needs to take her issue up with management of the establishment, since they are responsible for behaviour of their employees, and there are several legally-established bodies which she can call on in support.

    My two pesewas… 



    I am pretty sure the Italian owner, AXL, just said what he said (blacks only) to get back at you for something you may have said during your interaction about not being issued a receipt.  I would visit the place to find out for myself. However, if indeed this is what they are doing (not accepting "black" members), they are clearly delirious. 
    It is important to note also that if they are not issuing receipts, and by extension VAT receipts, then they are evading TAX payment which is illegal. The relevant authorities should be notified.  
    It was very good of you lot to insist on getting a receipt. More Ghanaians should do same.

  62. THIS IS ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!!!!! We've lived in Ghana for a long time and know the place as well; sometimes people can be misunderstood (and in fact if you read above there's a message from the owner apologizing and explaining…). THE CLUB IS FOR FOR ALL MEMBERS WHATEVER SKIN COLOUR THEY HAVE!!!!!!

  63. In the UK, there are clubs which do not allow women to join, there are gyms that do not allow women to join, and same gyms do not allow straight men to join (gays only folk), there are employers who encourage minority ethnic and women to apply and you know what this is called….POSITIVE discrimination. Whether it actually is positive or not is a matter of opinion. But in truth a private organisation can decide who can and cannot become a member of it's establishment. Yes, in the UK there are members-only clubs that you can only join if you get INVITED by existing members and sometimes those members come from the British aristocracy so my guess it that they probably don't have any black, Asian or other 'ethnic' members. What can be done about this? Nothing. And it is not racist. It is simply selective. Deal with it.

  64. I will just suggest to everyone, regardless the truth of the matter, that we remain extremely careful with the use
    of the “racism” term. If fault it is, it needs to be solved in a discrete and settled manner. Let’s not start a fire that
    will get out of control and we will ALL feel sorry for after. Best regards to all.

    IF this is happening it is sad, BUT unfortunately when people are only interested in bread and butter issues and how to 'stiff' the other person to make more money, the average Ghanaian will care less about issues like the one we are discussing. There is no question in my mind that what we have been presented with (I cannot verify whether it is happening or not)  is RACISM, pure and simple, however, how is this different from the Akan discriminating against the Dagomba?
    How is this different from a government official saying that women should not be allowed to work in the oil industry? It is hypocricy at its highest point when we discriminate against our own and then cry wolf when others discriminate against us. Lets clean our house first and then……

  66. @Harold Ankrah. Elizabeth did not instigate this. Contrary to your comments, the owner has apologised. and the place has been shut down.

  67. Damn!!!!!!!! Now she got what she wanted: the place shut down. I hope she (ELIZABETH OKORO) feels happy about this!

  68. Thanks for speaking out and spreading the word about this outrageous incident. Clearly, some in the expatriate community tend to think their diplomatic status gives them a blank check. I am happy to hear that steps have been taken to close down this restaurant. HOWEVER, there is a lingering question; what did her colleagues who were with her do? From your piece, it does not seems like they spoke out against it. What the heck kind of people are they??? Speaks VOLUMES about their values!

  69. Congratulations, it has closed down. How easy that was eh! If only justice would be done as swiftly in other things but I guess she hit all the right notes and probably knew the right people, which probably the kitchen does not. Impressive work guys. I tried interviewing the gentleman that is allegedly your Deputy Min at the Ministry of Tourism for months, and he was either far too busy or didn't pitch at the designated time due to personal matters… so I wonder if this was a personal matter or a state affair? 
    I hope indeed what she said was true as I have heard who made the comment and he is one of the sweetest staff I have ever met, and truthfully a terrible joke teller but he does try… He must be mortified to have created such offense and mess and I can't even imagine such a crass joke would come from his mouth. Having said that, I agree that you cannot blame language, however you can blame lack of sense and education. 
    It may be a blessing that it has closed down, as allowing all comments to be published including addresses, a meet and violence being called upon, is incredibly wreckless. Blogs and media need to be held accountable as well. Revolutions have been built on them this year. You should be more careful with your screening and weary of the reactions to your actions and statements. With great power comes great responsibility. And media is power. Apparently as powerful as the desire to enter the "kitchen club". 
    I didn't say or imply that you have a racist bone in your body, so I find it interesting Mr Admin that you felt the need to comment on that. I fear my comments to you fell on deaf ears as educated people that you and your cousin are, I would have expected you to understand my plea for humour and calm and my praise of Ghanaian attitude better, so one can assume you only see red now and no longer reason, much like some of your bloggers.
    If and when I should visit your otherwise lovely country, if you would allow, I would like to interview both you Mr Admin and your cousin Ms Elizabeth. I will not be talking but listening this time which no doubt you will be happy about given our complete disagreement on the handling of this matter. 
    Regarding the other people who got turned down, a former colleague journalist of mine, known as Mr Africa because of his love for it, is very white and arrived to that empty kitchen to be turned away being told by a young girl that it was completely full. So he asked me yesterday IN JEST "is it coz am white?". It's a tiny place, I repeat, and people book ahead, often to be turned down as there are 4 tables. It doesn't matter if you are black or white, only if friend or foe. 
    Good luck from Brazil where we all samba together

  70. If that is the case, I will eat fish on every Tuesday for the remainder of my life and force my wife to do so also.

  71. how many times have we heard OBRUNI!!OBRUNI on the roads when a white person is passing by?always.. everytime!but there was no revolution, no scandal! try and go to Europe and call Black man somebody..everybody would just insult u and accuse u of racism!
    Now all our Ghanaian community is so offended by a joke that for sure was a very bad one and shouldn't have been done!!!
    Did any of u perfect people ask yourself if the restaurant is really only for whites? most of the posts that i have read on this blog are from blacks.. how come u have all eaten there if u are black??!! Even Elizabeth was there for two times..was she white the first time and then became black the second??!!
    try and think for one moment of how important are for ghanaians respect and democracy.. there is no democracy in your action and judjement…
    for u to know.. some members of the club are blacks.. some of the partners are black .. and so many blacks of all origins have enjoyed the food there before.
    this issue of black and white really is disgusting me!!
    don't judge without evidence and the owner of this blog will take all responsibilities for pouring petrol on this fire without having even heard from the owner and creating fear and hate in the community!!
    whit this discussion you are all nourishing a Racism that does not exist in Ghana nowadays!
    please think twice and protect our nation from stupidity, real racism and easy judgements!
    God bless Ghana

  72. forget history?italian never involved in west african trade in the past. maybe danish,portuguese,dutch,french,spanish,english.but not italians.except the stupid adventure of mussolini in north africa.
    but we never sold humans to other humans. we never made auctions with human beings.
    and if u know the real history the first people start the slave market they were the ashanti trom west africa to north african market.
    so don't tell me bull shit about the italian racism.u dont know what u talk in about.
    we give hospitality to thousands africans every days coming from african coast to lampedusa. we care about them with our weapons and all europe just watch at us. nobody give us any kind of support. we treat them well and we give them food and place to sleep.
    ask to the ghanians who lives in italy now.
    thanks  for the shit u put on our face.
    sleep well if u can. 

  73. sorry i forgot. 
    the romans empire made some mistakes,. but all around europe and not only,brought civilization and culture.
    with roads,architectures and knowledge.
    two thousand years ago rome got one million of population. they where from anywhere.
    it was the first lesson of globalization. 


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