A sad day for Ghana

It has been verified by various credible sources that Ghana’s President, John Atta Mills died today at the 37 Military hospital in Accra from a prolonged struggle with throat cancer. Atta Mills led the National Democratic Congress to power in 2008 after a fiercely contested elections with the incumbent New Patriotic Party.

Although his government has been plagued with various controversies, Atta Mills was viewed favourably by most Ghanaians as a gentle person and a devout Christian who served his country as Vice-President from 1997- 2001. A lifelong Professor, he taught at the University of Ghana and later had a brief stint as a visiting professor at the University of Bristish Columbia before returning to Ghana to be elected president.

This is the first time in the history of Ghana that a head of state has died in office. He was 68 and is survived by his wife Naadu Mills, a son and 25 million mourning Ghanaians. To my president, you have served your country well. Rest in peace.

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