5 shades of nude

They tried to pass them off as NUDE shoes but the cream, beige and pale undertones were only suitable for Caucasians. Now venerated cobbler, Christian Louboutin, has emerged with an array of nude shoes that like foundation, matches with all skin tones.

The collection, ‘5 shades of nude’ even comes with a colour matching App called “Loboutin shades’. Once you download the app on your phone, you can take a photo of your foot and it will match your skin with a nude hue that ranges from fair blush to rich chestnut. The advantage of nude shoes is when you find the right shade, it blends seamlessly with your legs and elongates your silhouette.

The only drawback to this toe-tingling line is, the price tag of Loubs can be a deterrent to the average (or sensible) shopper. But the good news is because Louboutin is a pacesetter, ‘5 shades of nude’ is bound to start a trend in the industry and other shoe designers will follow with an affordable line of ‘naked shoes’.

Now if only I could find a nude bra…

Block in black and white

Colour has been upstaged as the fashion-must of 2013. The tres-chic way to now make an entrance is in a bold black and white block dress. The retro trend has been validated by Alicia Keys, Beyonce and, Kim kardashian. Sheath dresses in these bold colours are readily available in high-end designers and retail stores.

Fashion tip: Black and white block dress are so bold they require very little accessories. Resist the temptation to rock this look with black and white shoes, black and white earrings or a white and black handbag. Lean on the power of simplicity. Skip earrings and opt for a simple ring. Keep it clean and save a dash of colour for the lips.

Karen Millen

Dress from Bloomingdales

Master of African designs

Well before the world flocked to African prints, there was Kofi Ansah. Before young
African designers paraded their brands on Vlisco’s runway, there was Kofi Ansah, the master of contemporary African designs.

With over 2 decades of experience working with reputable designers like Guy Laroche, Kofi returned to his home country, Ghana, and introduced a versatile way to treat African cloth. His designs were a complete departure from the traditional styles and even appealed to the African man. With tailored precision, he has dressed the creme de la creme of Ghana’s elite, and  revolutionized how Africans viewed how to use their colourful Ankara print.

Pushing fashion boundaries

Olivia Pope, the slick lead character in the hit series Scandal brings more to the screen than sass and grit. She has an incredible sense of style which is already influencing everyday wear. Whether it is a flowing winter coat, a well tailored suit  or an evening gown, Olivia Pope knows how to push the fashion envelope. Here are some of my favourite style icons who like Olivia, dictate what you see on the runways, boutiques and department stores. In this pastel colored ensemble Kerry Washington (who plays Olivia Pope) shows us who is the one directing Olivia’s style in Scandal. She is definitely pushing fashion boundaries.

Speaking of Scandals, no one can rock a scandalous dress like JLo. Somehow she managed to wear this barely there dress without making it look tacky or whorish. Now that is a skill.

Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but she knows how to make a dress work with her body. She is near perfection in this sexy white dress. 

Octavia’s style

Got curves? Then flaunt your full figure like Oscar winner Octavia Spencer. Whether she is walking the red carpet or enjoying a casual evening out, Octavia finds clothes that make her look stylish and confident.

She looks dashing in this lace peplum dress. Pay close attention to how she finds the appropriate draped dress which is synched around her midriff to make her waist look smaller. In all 3 examples, the effect is a sensuous woman who looks good in her skin.

Flaunt your curves in this Daphne wrap dress available at Lane Bryant.













Style Icon Octavia Spencer looking good in 3 different outfits.