Weave addiction volume 1

The beauty of a woman’s hair is in the versatility that comes with changing your look with a single hairstyle. However, with the abundance of hair extensions on the market, a new dis-ease is afflicting women. It is called Weavorrhea or the inability to stop yourself from running to weaves! Like any other addiction we all have cousins, friends, sisters, (you?) addicted to hair extensions. But since there isn’t a rehab centre for this particular addiction, here are a few tell-tale signs to let you know that it is time to step away from that weft:

- You call buying hair an investment. Really?
- You have not worn your natural hair out for more than a month
- When you hear Malaysian, Indian or Brazilian you think hair, not nationality
- You can tell the difference between Malaysian, Indian and Brazilian blindfolded.
- Your friends have never seen your real hair
- You spend hours watching youtube channels about the various hair extensions
- You obsessively glare at other women to judge whether their hair is real or fake.
- You will not dare be caught without your weave
- You don’t feel pretty unless you are wearing a weave
- You don’t give your hair a rest. As soon as you take out a weave, you put it right back in.
- Your hairline is damaged because of the glue from Lacefront wigs
- You are losing your hairline because of repetitive weaving
- You are styling your weave to cover your damaged hairline
- You keep wearing weaves even when you are losing your hair
- The cost of your weave can cover your car payment
- Your hairdresser pays her mortgage with your monthly visits
- Your boyfriend thinks your hair is trap for his fingers
- You have a back up wig in case your hairdresser is sick
- You’ve forgotten that hair is versatile. You can braid it , twist it, cut it, thread it…
But you can also leave it alone so it can breathe because your beauty comes from your heart not your hair.
To be continued

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