Nicki Minaj needs to stop

Nicki Minaj needs to fall back with her blatant disrespect of people who have earned their stripes in the music industry. For some bizarre reason, the producers at American Idol thought Nicki Minaj has the same credibility as Mariah so they can sit on the same panel and judge talent. The stupidity of this move explains why in a grainy TMZ tape, Nicki can be seen berating Mariah using violent and vulgar language.

Being rude and insulting is nothing new to Nicki - it is part of her steaze - we saw this in the way she talked about Lil Kim and we are seeing it again. So what lead to this outburst? According to Nicki, she is tired of Mariah running down her resume and listing her achievements at every opportunity. Well duh, you are working with a bonafide Diva who actually has awards and sales to back up her talent. Frankly, I am so tired of these rainbow artistes who depend on colourful weaves and outrageous makeup to sell music - Gaga being the exception cause girl got some talent. To be a judge on a music show, you must either have talent or possess credible industry experience; and much as I enjoy Nicki’s music, she still a ways to go. Anyway, the folks at American Idol have a different plan in mind and it involves a lot of unnecessary drama.

As a viewer I believe that the show works when the attention is on the contestants and not the judges. It especially works when there is a healthy dose of tension between the judges. Simon and Paula knew their bickering equilibrium and we the audience enjoyed it. However, what transpired between Nicki and Mariah was ugly and a huge turn off. Channel switch to The Voice please!!

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