The List - when nothing matters

Like me, you are probably fuelled by a ‘to do list’ for your short term plans and a vision board for the long term goals. As you cross each hurdle, you pump your fist in the air and then proceed to stress on how you will conquer the remainder: Send resume, call bank to reverse fee, do laundry, book ticket, renew passport… Now what would you take off the list if you were stuck in a place where the sun literally does it shine.

In the city of Capiapo north of Chile, 33 miners have had 50 days ( and counting) to rewrite their List. Imagine that you are of them. Trapped 2257 feet beneath the surface of earth with a limited selection of food and entertainment supplied to you. What music would you choose to listen to as you nibble on your meal of choice. Would it matter if it had too much salt and not enough pepper? If news from family was limited to phone calls and letters, who would you like to hear from? What would your conversations be about? Would you choose your words differently.

In a hole with no hope, if your spirit does not collapse your perspective on life will be transformed and you may come to the realization that none of the things on the ‘to do list’ stress list or the vision board matter at all. In the words of trapped miner Mario Sepulveda, “Thank God I’ve finally been able to take stock of things here, at the age of 39″ I think I’ll benefit a lot from this rebirth.” Alone with your thoughts what would you miss. Laughter, traffic, being tickled and the smell of fried onions comes to mind. What comes to your mind?

2 thoughts on “The List - when nothing matters

  1. Not to be in the least insensitive:
    Seriously all that matters at any given time is making the best out of any situation.
    Thanking God for what you have and even what you don’t have. Value life as you live it and as you have it PERIOD – What I don’t do
    Anymore is compare myself to a worse situation. I stopped complicating my life! Training myself to deal with matters as they arise everyday.
    Others misfortunes should teach us to be appreciative and yes in some instances change our look on LIFE but for me the most part is learning to be  happy with what I have, grateful and definitely
    Thankful to God regardless of how we see ourselves.

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