The Easy Button

I am looking for the Easy Button (EB). I need it to help me write an article, run errands and cook 4 different kinds of meals. But before the day ends, I would press the EB prior to calling Sony customer relations and press it again to deal with all the irritables lining up for me. To my chagrin the easy button keeps evading me. I have searched high and low, I cannot find it. I am now convinced that someone has hidden it from me. Please send it my way before I expire.
Wouldn’t life be great with a shiny red button to help you cruise through difficulties. You would apply for the EB same way you apply for a driver’s license. An instructor would put you through a series of tests and when you pass, tadaa…, you get your own Easy Button. The only caveat is you can only apply for the easy button if you are 21 or older and you can only use the EB 5 times in your lifetime. This means you will have to think about whether you will press the button to rush the delivery of your pizza, or if you car is about to get towed. You may want to save it for important moments like when you are entering a custody battle, your home is about to be foreclosed or if you are facing a life threatening condition.

Disclaimer: The Easy Button does not make problems go away, it just makes it easier to deal with them. Exhibit A. You hate Mondays. Pressing the easy button on Sunday night will not make Monday disappear, it will make it easier to deal with it. Why do you wince? I said an easy button not a Miracle button. In some rare cases the EB will come with a remote control which allows you to fast forward, rewind or pause. Exhibit B. You want a break from reality. You just hit pause and it will allow you a joyous, uninterrupted moment reading AmmazingSeries. Serenity now. Oommmm

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