Lira - South African star

Eclectic. Soulful. Versatile. These are just a few ways to describe South Africa’s soul queen, Lira. Although she is best remembered for her dazzling performance at the 2010 FIFA kick off concert, this 33 year old songbird has been in the music scene for over a decade and has 6 multi-platinum albums under her belt.

Before Lira became a household name in South Africa, she was known as Lerato Molapo a bright accounting student moonlighting as a singer but her big break came when she won a South African contest for young singers. A few years later in 2000, she released her debut album and Lira has not looked back since. Her most recent album “Rise again” garnered a well deserved 2012 BET nomination for best international artist.

What I love the most about Lira is her live performances. She has powerful stage presence and knows how to woo her audience with her sultry voice. I cannot wait for Lira to show case her talent on the international scene.

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