Beautiful Senegal

With probably the most beautiful coastlines along the Atlantic, here are a few interesting nuggets of facts about African hotspot, Senegal. It was colonised by the French around the 17th century and remained a well controlled colony until September 1960 when it became an independent country. Capital City: Dakar Politics: Democratic multi-party system Current President: Macky Sall Population: 13 million 
Official language: French, Wolof Religion: 94% Islam Economy: Stable and Progressive. GDP 
per capita: $1028  National assets: Gold, diamond, Youssou Ndour. Hotspots: The popular resort bay Saly is known for its beautiful hotels and beaches.  Goree Island is about a 20 minutes ferry ride from Dakar. It offers tourists gripping   evidence of the transatlantic slave trade.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Flag of Senegal

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