A bright star

My little niece has the sass and wit of a middle aged woman. Whenever I push her to see the scope of her mind, I come out pleasantly surprised. A couple of weeks ago, I challenged her to write an essay about herself promising that if it was up to par, I would publish it. The only conditions were: She could not get help from her parents and she had to type it up herself. Within an hour, she sent this piece to me via Skype. It is the unvarnished autobiography of my lovely niece so excuse any typos because she is truly a bright star!

My name is Lachante Salma Bawuah. I have parents who come from Ghana there names are Vivan and Francis. I am 7 years old old I am also in year 2 I go to selsdon primary school it’s fun.. I also have a brother called Bryant Yaw Bawuah he is 12 years old. He’s in year 7 he go’s to quest academy shcool. We all love to live in London which is in England because It’s very fun to live in England because there are lots of different places like chessington.

This is what I like about myself is I am the smartest in my class I am bright, inteligent and smart and confident.I don’t like it when  people use bad languange against small children and inappropiate words. Thank you for reading


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