5 shades of nude

They tried to pass them off as NUDE shoes but the cream, beige and pale undertones were only suitable for Caucasians. Now venerated cobbler, Christian Louboutin, has emerged with an array of nude shoes that like foundation, matches with all skin tones.

The collection, ‘5 shades of nude’ even comes with a colour matching App called “Loboutin shades’. Once you download the app on your phone, you can take a photo of your foot and it will match your skin with a nude hue that ranges from fair blush to rich chestnut. The advantage of nude shoes is when you find the right shade, it blends seamlessly with your legs and elongates your silhouette.

The only drawback to this toe-tingling line is, the price tag of Loubs can be a deterrent to the average (or sensible) shopper. But the good news is because Louboutin is a pacesetter, ‘5 shades of nude’ is bound to start a trend in the industry and other shoe designers will follow with an affordable line of ‘naked shoes’.

Now if only I could find a nude bra…