Racist Utahns poison Ghanaians

3 Americans have racked up 1million dollars of debt. To pay off this debt, they have enlisted the Discovery Channel to capture a horrendous, gut wrenching exploitation of a ‘Jungle’ called Ghana. The discovery Channel follows the incredible journey of George Wright VI, Scott Lomu and Travis Fotheringham as they employ their Caterpillar excavator to plunge through the ground in search of gold. This manual form of mining is called Galamsey in Ghana and it is also illegal, immoral and dangerous. So why do I care? I am from Ghana and it breaks my heart to see 3 able bodied Americans go to this welcoming and hospitable country called Ghana to fell trees, destroy precious farms and rape the motherland with their excators until the land bleeds brown mercury tainted water.

Ironically the Discovery channel which presents itself as the silver screen guardian of the planet is supporting this neo-colonialism. You don’t need to be a Ghanaian to be outraged. Anyone who cares about the environment needs to step up and tell The Discovery channel to BACK OFF and stop promoting illegal activities that poison the water that Ghanaians drink. To the racist Utahns who call my country a jungle, let me offer you some free advice: Ghana was first colonized in 1412, in 1957 we put a stop to that Nonsense! Get out of my country and take your bloody excavators with you!

Read about how galamsey poisons our environment http://www.ammazingseries.com/fools-gold/