Earth’s Angels

Hanan Waite (nee El-Mahmoud) is no ordinary nurse. Her wings of compassion spread from her home in Atlanta to maternity wards in her beloved country, Ghana. For several years, she has nursed a passion to give back to the medical community in Ghana so in September 2012, she founded a non-profit organization called Earth’s Angels to send medical supplies to new mothers and premature babies in Accra. Her mission is to raise money and gather materials for hospitals across West Africa.

On July 30th 2013, Earth’s Angels successfully completed its first project when it provided Tetteh-Quarshie Memorial Hospital-Women’s ward and Ridge Hospital’s NICU with maternal and neonatal supplies.

Hanan deserves to be lauded. Orphaned when she was just 8 years old, she was only 15 years old when she came to America as an immigrant. In spite of financial and emotional setbacks, she graduated from Georgia State University and became a registered nurse. Today, she is a passionate RN who is respected for the dedication and compassion she brings to her job. In May 2013, in recognition of her hard work, she was bestowed with the title of ‘ambassador’ for the Georgia Hospital Association.

Here’s a nod of admiration to a young immigrant who fulfilled her dream to give back. Our Mission: “Earth’s Angels is a non-profit organization that has dedicated its existence to help eradicate maternal and infant mortality one mother and baby at a time.”