The perfect foundation

If you have freckles, blemishes, or skin discolouration, finding foundation that matches your skin tone and provides flawless coverage is an onerous task. I know this because I suffer from adult acne and I have a skin shade that is hard to describe; its not brown or yellow, neither warm nor cool, it just needs help! And for years I’ve looked for help in all the wrong places.

I started with MAC but the undertone was either too orange or too ashy. Clinique looked great in the store but once I got home, I had buyers remorse - too brown. Estee Lauder carries a double wear which sounds fantastic in principle but surprisingly, it falls short on coverage. I also found Lancome lacking in coverage but they have a great range of colours especially for ethnic women. So if you are one of the fortunate women who needs little or no coverage from your foundation, this could be yours. But if like me, you need extra help and you refuse to settle, NARS is a match made in heaven.

NARS has perfected the science of foundation, especially, for ethnic tones. They have a line called Sheer Glow Foundation that I simply adore. I say this unequivocally because I have spent hours poring over the right foundation at makeup aisles and I have discovered that NARS has achieved the perfect blend of colour and coverage in one bottle. The fantastic element about this line is it contains anti-oxidants which evens out skin tones!

Bobbi Brown is my second favourite brand because they understand the complexity of colour and pigmentation but they were nudged out of the top spot because they don’t cover imperfections like NARS does. After years of trial and error, I am so happy I found NARS. It is foundation that enhances your natural skin tone and leaves you glowing like a goddess. Love, love, love NARS.