• joaquim barbosa

    Joaquim Barbosa the bricklayer’s son
    In a historic move that has ignited optimism in Brazil, on November 22nd, Joaquim Barbosa was sworn... more

  • seun adeyibi

    Bone marrow registry in Africa
    Once at the brink of dying from lymphoblastic lymphoma and stem cell leukemia, Seun Adebiyi has... more

  • Dr. laing

    Ode to a noble doctor
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    Catherine Hamlin
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  • Maya Angelou

    An attitude of gratitude: Maya Angelou
    When the flash from the camera died, Maya Angelou was escorted backstage to make her grand... more

  • Maya Angelou

    An evening with Maya Angelou
    I am standing inside Hanover Theatre trying to tell the security man that Maya Angelou is expecting... more

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    The Elders
    You've heard of the IMF, the AU and the almost irrelevant EU, but you have probably not heard of... more

  • mlk

    The dream lives on
    Happy Birthday to one of the most influential leaders of our era, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His... more

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    Some dreams don’t come true
    Now that the countdown has ended and the confetti has cleared, I realize that I miss Oprah. Like... more