Feathers, sequins and skin, Oh my

The city of Toronto is gyrating with energy in anticipation of the biggest North American Carribean cultural parade – Caribana. After six weeks of festivities, this year’s event will come to a climax on Saturday July 31st with costumes and mas band displays meandering through the streets of downtown Toronto.

The soundtrack of the carnival is diverse carribean music. So you will people from all over North American and other parts of the world, swaying to Reggae, Soca, Calypso, Chutney, Steel pan and Brass Band.

My favourite part of the parade is definitely the costumes. Where else in the world would you find flat-belly-women and jiggly-belly- women alike proudly strutting their goodies? Scantily clad and colourfully adorned in sequins and feathers, this is a rare moment in time when nobody worrys about BMI or cellutie. This day, everybody feels beautiful and it is definitely a contagious feeling.