Movies: Why did I get married too?

The highly anticipated sequel of Tyler Perry’s “Why did i get married too” was a mild disappointment. I was one of the fanatic followers who could just not wait for this movie to come out on April 2nd. Although it was not lacking in drama or whip-lash hilarity, it lacked the even keeled balance of humor, romance and drama that the first offered. It started quite slow in the scenic island of Bahamas where the couples regroup for their annual retreat. Each scene unfolds to unravel the veneer of matrimonial harmony until it climaxes in a traumatic and abrupt end. But before the curtain closes, we are compensated with the entry of ‘Caramel Glory’ aka ‘The Rock’ – which hints at another sequel. I will rate this movie a ‘B’ because like all Tyler Perry movies, it is entertaining and it carries a worthy message. Why did i get married too? Genre Comedy, Drama. Written and directed by Tyler Perry . Duration 121 min PG-13.

Written by Amma Bonsu

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