Update on ‘Whites only club’

This morning, the owner of Atlantic Lobster & Dolphin issued a public apology to Elzabeth Okoro and he stated that he does not believe in racism. The deputy Minister of Tourism closed the facility this morning as well. This is a victory for everyone who wants to see an end to discrimination.

As Africa continues to open its doors to investors, we have to be vigilant about the practices of these corporations whether they are small, medium or multi national. We have to hold our governments accountable and we have to hold each other accountable. Kudos to Elizabeth for standing up to this. Kudos to everyone who contributed to this discussion. Even though I did not agree with all the comments, I published them because I was impressed with how we did not sink to name calling and character assasinations.

Ghana is home to Italians, Indians, Canadians, Chinese, Koreans, Lebanese, Nigerians, Liberians… Lets continue to raise the image of Ghana and use the law to keep the BLACK STAR of Africa shining.

6 thoughts on “Update on ‘Whites only club’

  1. For several reasons I don't think what has happened is a good thing at all. I have refrained from commenting so far because I've seen and heard multiple  conflicting accounts of what happened. Depending on whether you believe the account on this website, or the one on Joy FM's website, or the one on Ghanaweb, Elizabeth either was or wasn't denied entry to the club. The club either is or is not a restaurant. The club/restaurant either does or does not actually have a whites only policy, and depending who you believe, the it was either shut down because of a discriminatory policy, or because it did not have a permit to be serving food in the first place.
    A lot of people see a victory here. All I see is a rush to judgement without confirming the facts, the very same mentality on which racism itself was founded. Even if this establishment had a racist policy and deserved to be shut down becaue of said policy, that's not a decision that should have been made over the course of a week. Somewhere there is a server, a cook, a dishwasher, a waiter, probably a Ghanaian one, who lost his job this week because of this. He probably doesn't feel he deserved what he got. If not for the sake of the owner, then at least for the sake of people who stood to lose their livelihoods, more time should have been spent gathering facts and less time spent making angry statements.

  2. David – Why then make such a rushed comment when YOU are not in a position to know the facts. There is no smoke without fire and I am sure the government had strong facts in coming up with their decision. Please practice what you preach in the future.

  3. The news has gone abroad..all of u without any evidence have accused and condemmed the owner!if all of u would have spent the same energy u are using on this issue to demonstrate against the really bad things that are happening in this country Ghana would be different!u always say “GO BACK TO UR COUNTRY”..which country??!!the one. With the embassy where all of u are queing under the sun for days to go??My true Ghanaian fellows are not the once that are accusing..they are the one praying for peacer and equality..respect for all!

    • Trueman, had you taken the time to read the details you would realise that this was not an empty accusation. The owner came forward to apologise. The country is outraged and it has garnered international attention because Ghanaians Know this incident happens a lot more than we care to mention. We always sweep it under the carpet of ‘fa ma nyame’ or give it to God and we watch balatant discrimination prevail in our own countries. Sometimes it is our fellow Ghanaians who create this atmosphere of Kowtowing to people because of their currency. You see how Africans are treated in embassies in restaurants, in shopping centres and you wonder why we put up with it. WELL NO MORE! this is not about washing our dirty linen in public, it needs to be addressed. we need to have an open discussion about how people living in Ghana treat each other PERIOD. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE DISCRIMINATION.

  4. Next time let us gather our facts first instead of rushing to judgement.  Next time let us try not to be so nationalist.  Don't forget that Ghana itself is a creation of the white man.  Better to be Africanist.  Next time why don't you focus on the mass discrimination and attacks against gays in many cases supported by the government?  Sometimes we rush to blame foreigners for any weakness when we are surrounded in our own country by an abundance of weaknesses that we never complain about – corruption, ignorance, laziness, education, health care, housing, poverty etc.

    • Asep. i don’t quite get ur point. Where was the rush to judgement. Did you not hear the guy apologise. As for the term ‘half caste’ if you follow my blog you would not that it has been well discussed. In Southern Africa you can use the word coloured and nobody flinches, in Ghana the term half caste is used and nobody flinches, these terms cannot be used in the US because of race sensitivities, in Africa these terms are not considered derogatory. How does that compare to a man blatantly denying someone membership because of her race. Before you pontificate check your facts, if the boundaries of Ghana were constructed by an Imperialistic system are you saying we should continue to kowtow to that same system? And we wonder how apartheid was only dismantled in1990. WAKE UP PEOPLE

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