Still undecided??

In a high stakes townhall debate last night,  President Obama came swinging, afterall , he had the most to lose after his yawn worthy performance at the first debate. Standing toe to toe with his  political adversary, Governor Mitt Romney reiterated his vision for America and urged the undecided voters to send him to the White House.

After listening to his well crafted points, I began to wonder how on earth there can still be undecided voters in America? Here is a man who has little regard for the environment, wants to repeal the historic healthcare act, implement self deportation, replace social security with a voucher, maintain tax cuts for the rich, repeal Roe v Wade, kill Big bird, scrap PBS and start a war with Iran. Why should America vote for him? Well he has is on record for ┬ábankrupting companies and outsourcing the job overseas and he found ‘binders full of women’ to work in his cabinet.

Meanwhile you have President Obama who has rescued the economy from the brink of a depression, repealed DADT, instituted healthcare reform, ended the war in Iraq, killed Osama Bin Laden, introduced the Deferred Action policy to deal with the issue of illegal immigrants and restored America’s image abroad…

Yet there is are cities across America filled with undecided voters??? Wake up America! The world needs a thoughtful, compassionate, decisive, inclusive and daring leader in the White House. If we could vote, there would be NO indecision, but we can’t, so we need you to make up your minds and choose wisely. #President Obama

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