Turned on

My name is Amma and I have a problem: I am constantly turned on. By ‘turned on’ I mean exactly that: turned ON. The most embarrassing part of this issue is I simply can’t control it. It is an irresistible feeling that comes over me whether I am at work, on a beach, on a bus or having dinner with friends… the only way to appease this stirring is to reach for my toy – aka the iPhone, iPad or any other gadget iCan get my hands on and quickly log on to a social media site. As the colourful images of people pop onto the screen, my nerves simmer down like an addict who just got a shot of heroine.

This week, it dawned on me that this irrepressible need to be connected ON to social media is a disorder. Lets call it the social media deficient disorder because I honestly can’t go 30 minutes without clicking ON a link to find to out what is going ON in the world. It is the downside of a technologically evolved world which provides round-the-clock access to the internet so you can keep abreast with the mundane or the silly. I thirst for these updates. I have developed an insatiable desire to be entertained so I am ON Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a myriad of blogs to find out what people are on to.

To ensure that I don’t miss anything, I subscribe to this genius called ‘notifications’ so anytime there is an update, I get a buzz. And let me tell you, I am constantly buzzing! One zzz is from texts, the next zzz is Whatsapp, the next tells me what people are wearing, what they saying, how they eating and who they doing. (loser I know) My fingers even have an arthritic bend from browsing on the phone but I still can’t stop. The first thing I do each morning is to check updates on social media. It is also the last thing I do before I sleep. My brain is turned ON all the time and I wish for a brief moment I could be turned off. Now I could promise you that I am going to try to stop. But lets be clear, I am an addict not a liar. And like any addiction, the first step to recovery is recognizing that you have a problem. In my case, I have a really, really big… oh wait… zzz

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