To my friend Baff Akoto

I just attended the Canadian premiere of your film “Football Fables” and I was blown away. Sitting in the Bloor cinema with a culturally diverse group of movie fans, it was evident that we were equally moved by an engaging story line that effectively captures the raw ambition of Francis, a skilled local footballer who desperately wants a pro contract with a European team. 

Even as Baff Akoto depicts the patriotic enthusiasm of football in Ghana, he intelligently unveils the politricks that ties the players to agents, managers and the clubs. He artfully balances this out with the most vivid imagery of Ghana’s  chaotic markets and her beautiful coastline. As the audience  laughed at carefully placed humor, I wanted to turn around and say ” I know the Director, he is my friend.”

Football Fables exceeded my expectations. I went to the premiere to support the hard work of a good friend, but I left with a new found respect for one of Africa’s stellar directors.  The credits rolled to a resounding applause from the crowd. They were just as impressed as I was. “Mehn that film kept it real” a viewer gushed. I turned to him and said “I know the director, he is just as authentic in real life.”


If the film ‘Football Fables” is showing in your city, cancell all other plans and go and see it.



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