The wrath of Sandy

Their names sound friendly; Sandy, Katrina, Isaac… But their impact is mind-numbing. Barely 24hours after passing through the East Coast, the hurricane called Sandy has left behind a devastating trail of destruction. Over 40 people dead, millions without power, hospitals have been evacuated and transportation has been grounded.

In poorer Caribbean countries like Haiti, the death count has surpassed 54 and over 200,000 people are homeless. A hurricane’s wrath does not discriminate, it breaks¬†the heart of both rich and poor and leaves us wondering how something that sounds so friendly can wreak unimaginable havoc . In Point Breeze, New York, ¬†the only thing standing in a field of concrete mayhem is a statue of the Virgin Mary, her hands outstretched as if to offer comfort to the broken.

My prayer goes out to all who have been touched by Hurricane Sandy. May healing and restoration fill your hearts as you begin to rebuild your lives.

Photo credit: Franklin, AP and


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