The undecided voters

Dear Americans,

I wonder if you know how this election is critical not just to America, but indeed to the rest of the world? If so, how do many of you comfortably label yourself as ‘undecided voters’ – two weeks before election day. On Monday, President Obama and Governor Romney appeared at their final debate to reiterate their individual vision for America.

In articulate language whisked with a tinge of urgency, each candidate laid out out their plans for the next four years. But the truth is, the policies that Obama and Romney shared will have long term impact on people who live in places that even Google maps can’t locate. So I hope that when you step away from the noise of pundits and super pacs and sit at your kitchen tables, you will remember the key points both candidates shared  and make a sound decision. If I were at the table with you, I would urge you to vote for President Barack Obama. What this President has been able to achieve in the last four years with a bitterly uncooperative congress gives me hope that given a second term, he is going to do even more. Currently, unemployment is down to 7.8%, 5 million jobs have been added to the economy, the stock market is no longer in a free fall, healthcare reform has been passed, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been repealed and steps are underway to deal with America’s undocumented immigrants. His unwavering agenda for America’s foreign policy is an inclusive approach which draws on the involvement of Allies to tackle the world’s most complex situations.

Let me draw your attention to places like Greece, Spain and Italy where poor leadership has resulted in record unemployment and sea-deep deficit. The world looks to America to lead so I want your country in the steady hands of someone who will go after the terrorists and still possesses the restraint to not flare emotions with unnecessary talk of war. Presently, al-Qaeda has been decimated in the Arab region but they are making inroads in Northern Africa and they are also involved in efforts to destabilize Mali in West Africa.  I trust the vision that Obama has for the world and I believe in the comprehensive and balanced approach he wants to deal with issues such as terrorism, illegal immigration and the environment. After four years of handwork, there is credible evidence that the American economy is turning the curve and I am convinced that President Obama’s plan to grow America’s economy from the middle will return America to the level of prosperity it once enjoyed.

It is for these reasons, that I want President Barack Obama back in office for four more years. I realize that this may seem like I am meddling in your internal affairs, but this election is too important for me to sit it out and pretend I am a undecided global citizen.


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