The Finesse Interview

Just over a week ago, I had a quick chat with Finesse about relationships. I am a regular reader of his column ‘Oh Brother’ in Essence magazine so I knew that I was I was in for a treat. From the get-go, I was surprised by just how nice he was. Eventhough he had a few minutes to spare before he started his next comedy routine, he quickly found two chairs and we were rolling.

I proceeded to ask him honest questions that women young and old are always struggling with. When should you have sex with a guy? How long should you date a guy before you move in with him? He answered each question with precision and honesty. I was very sad when we had to wrap up the interview. However, I was giddy with excitement and i could not wait to go home to examine the footage.

Usually, I dread the editing process because I have to watch myself. But Finesse was so funny that I enjoyed watching this footage. I was excited to share the finished product because I wanted my viewers to see what has been making me smile for one whole week. Now, it is finally here. I hope you enjoy watching the video. Most importantly, I hope you absorb the great tips he so generously shares. Enjoy